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Does TRT Ruin Sexual Function?

If i go on trt will my dick stop working? like will I have to take cialis everytime i need to fuck

Maybe, but probably not. Some guys do experience issues, but a majority seem to either have no change in function, or improvement.

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what if i don’t take hcg

I am guessing you have been looking around on different forums including this one? Doing stuff like that can make stuff like ED seem much more common than it is with TRT. Most / many guys will write a post looking for help if they get ED. Not too many write posts about how great their erections are, because that is a weird thing to do.


doing stuff like taking test, or without hcg

I don’t know what you mean

Even if you did need to take Cialis for erectile function, you take it once daily so you don’t need to take it right for sexual activity do to the 36 hour half-life.

Just browsing TRT forums would make most people think a whole host of side effects is in store for those who start. I had almost no negative side effects, that is what happens for most guys.

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right, do you think you can get sick pumps in the gym with it even though it only acts on the pde5 inhibitor or whatever

im new bro

you said almost, what negative side effects did you have just curious

I’ve heard people say the Cialis give them better pumps in the gym, whether it’s actually true I don’t know.

I don’t take Cialis for erectile function, I take it for the added benefits of increased nitric oxide production.

If I take more than 5 mg daily I get really bad headaches.

I don’t believe cialis increases NO production. It just makes it stay in the system longer

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do you guys not recommend going on trt without aromasin or hcg? like just cruising test year round

I’d start with just test personally and add things in later as needed


If you give your body a steady stream of male sex hormones will your male sex organ stop working? Is that…is that really your question? Because if so we’re going to need to go back to ninth grade biology before we can get to the trt portion of the broadcast.


buddy relax it’s much simpler than that, just wanted to ask you guys your thoughts

If you currently have no sexual dysfunction, don’t do TRT.

Yes it absolutely can make your dick stop working. Just because you’re giving your body a synthetic version of male sex hormones doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have more/better sex. I’ve been on TRT for 11 years and about to give up because libido is gone and has been since I’ve been on.

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did you ever try enanthate?

I have many questions. If you’re willing to discuss it here I would like to ask them. If you’re not then I’ll respect that and leave it be.

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