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Does TRT Increase Blood Pressure?

A few weeks ago, just after starting TRT, my blood pressure was 124/72.
Now it’s steady around 140/94, sometimes higher. I advised my doctor, and I’m monitoring my pressure daily. I may see a cardiologist for good measure.

Is this possibly caused by my body adjusting to TRT?

Thanks in advance

Retaining water from high E should go away eventually without ai. May need to break up dose or lower it. List protocol dosages in mg and any labs you have

Just beginning week 3 here:

160 mg Test Cyp/Test Prop 90/10 blend per week (40 mg EOD)
hCG 1000 per week (250 iu EOD, at same time as T)

I have lab appointment on Tuesday and will update later in week with the results.

Am curious if you or others have experienced elevated BP when beginning TRT, realizing of course that everyone’s different.

It happens. Have you gained any weight?

Maybe 3-4 pounds.

Forgot to add I spent 30 minutes in the sauna yesterday, sweated a bunch, and the symptoms subsided afterward. When my BP rises, I can feel my pulse in my neck and in my eyelid.

I’m thinking I’ll sauna again tomorrow. Shedding the water volume seems to lower my BP.

Wondering if using a sauna is ok with slightly elevated BP and when on TRT.

There’s your problem, you levels will not be stable until you are on the same dosage for at least 6 weeks when your levels will stabilize, until then your levels are in flux. I expect BP to be all over the place for the next couple of weeks.

It’s the estrogen/water retention that increases BP.

I had to go on BP meds because of TRT. Has nothing to do with my E2.

It affects the aldosterone system in the kidneys, is what I have read.

My BP just went up. no other factors.

Interesting @anon10035199. Sounds like this will either be a temporary thing as @systemlord describes or possibly require treatment. I plan to monitor BP until 8-week labs and go from there. If E2 isn’t elevated, then I’ll explore treatment.

My mood has sucked which makes me think E2 is high.