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Does TRT Help with Anxiety?

Im suffering from anxiety disorder for last 13 years. Checked my T levels, i was 500ng/dl. Free test was also on the lower side but within “normal” range. Thinking of trying TRT. I basically have almost all symptoms of low T but the main issue is this freaking anxiety. Do u think high T level might help me? Im 30yo guy who trains regularly. Thanks.

TRT can help with anxiety, sometimes TRT can make anxiety worse if the cause is do to something else. I always tell men with anxiety disorders to inject very frequently if you encounter worsening anxiety on TRT because the exogenous T spikes can exacerbate anxiety disorders.

Thyroid disorders can cause anxiety as well, so you might want to run a thyroid panel before considering TRT.

TRT could help improve overal feeling a bit.

But what could really improve anxiety is going to the gym often and making it a habit.

It has been my loyal outlet for any type of stress and ill feelings every time, really improves my overal mental health as well, not just body.

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TRT combined with gym! That kills anxiety. A sense of calm is noticeable . I was way too chill yesterday, nothing made me flinch. Today Im chill but with a bit more pep. Everyday is different. Life happens. So stress management is key, Working out is a part of it

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Most guys with anxiety issues report improvement and many reduce anti-anxiety meds, while some stop them entirely. I have not heard from any male that TRT caused or increased anxiety. Being weak, fat, out of shape, tired with poor sexual function gives many men anxiety. Once they lose some fat, gain strength, have some energy and sexual function anxiety somehow goes away. Most of these take 150-200mg, cypionate or enanthate, once weekly. Maybe 10-15% of them split their doses into twice weekly injections, but not due to anxiety from TRT.

The most profound decrease in my anxiety was quitting all caffeine. Then once on TRT and my sleep improved, that pretty much got rid of it completely.