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Does TRT Have Real Benefits?

I have low normal test levels but I am reluctant to go on TRT. What real benefits can I expect from TRT? Increased energy? Libido? Focus? Muscle mass? Will I have to donate blood toreduce ferritin? It just seems like there is so much maintenance with TRT in addition to the regular injections.

My biggest concerns are that I won’t see major benefits in these areas. How much energy should I expect to have on TRT? I don’t think it is worth it unless I see major improvement in the areas above.

Nope its a myth.



You don’t donate blood to reduce ferratin, you donate blood IF your RBC/HCT gets too high, and that’s a big IF! Higher TRT doses (in the 175-225)mg/wk range tend to increase HCT and RBC quite a bit and some may become boarderline to full on polycythemic (secondary not primary) and the only way to stop this is to reduce blood, phlebotomy or lower dose (apparently consuming grapefruit might help to but I’m skeptical). Dropping ferratin is NOT a good thing, hence why some people have to just end up lowering the dose if ferratin gets too low.

Depends what you’re original T status was like (how much benefit you recieve). If you’re looking for muscle mass, the notion is the more the merrier (not for health, but for muscle mass). If you don’t notice a major improvement, you can always come off.

There’s a 99% chance you don’t require an aromatase inhibitor, just going to hit that on the head before you decide to use anastrazole or letrozole…

Realistically, I want to use the minimum number of substances I would have to in order to gain results. I want my free T to be in the high normal range or somewhat above normal. I’ve seen people on TRT post levels above normal.

What I’m asking is if people have seen great increases in libido, energy and muscle mass on TRT. I dunno, I’m just skeptical. I haven’t seen anyone’s results firsthand. I have no better way to gauge TRT other than by what people on it say.

Here’s my results so far.

TRT test Cyp only 50mg E3.5D

What you get out of it is going to be what you put into it. TRT is not going to do anything for you if you don’t put in the effort to discipline your diet and training habits.


The minimum number of substances would be just testosterone, don’t mess around with AI’s, other anabolic steroids (for muscle mass), HCG or any of that jazz and you’re just using one substance. If fertility is a concern for you, freezing jizz is an option, it isn’t as if HCG is the only route.

Well, you see this differntiates between referenace ranges, some labs have super low cut-offs while others will have super high cutoffs, I’ve seen labs with TT cutoffs as high as 1400 and as low as 600!

There’s two landmark studies on what average testosterone levels are right,

So the first study determines normal for TT is like 350-1200 or something I don’t remember, the other says 260-950 or something like that, now despite the cohort of the second study with the lower ref range being over 9000 individuals (no that isn’t a meme, i’m serious), the referance range results seem to be based off only 400 measurements (100 measurements in each cohort) while the first study (although a smaller cohort) is taken by data from 450+ measurements, so I tend to use the first study more often.

Anyhow it shouldn’t be a numbers game (unless you’re looking for faster than average accruation in muscle mass, then it is a numbers game…) Anyhow these were percentiles (level wise for TT and FT)

Total testosterone (ng/dl) 	Free testosterone (pg/ml) 

Mean 723.8 141.8
SD 221.1 45.0
Median 698.7 134.0
Quartile range (Q3–Q1) 296.5 60.0
99th 1322.0 266.0
97.5th 1196.6 230.0
95th 1124.0 222.0
5th 405.9 77.0
2.5th 348.3 70.0
1st 282.0 55.0

More doesn’t always nesecarrily equate to feeling better though. Some people feel shitty on higher doses while some feel like a god. (We are talking about TRT, not a cycle), there’s guys on here who are like “I feel so bad, I took a single shot of 300mg and now my E2 is so high I’m growing titties and i’m having my period because I’ve turned into a woman” I do believe, in my opinion, that this is likely in the individuals head. Data on supraphysiologic doses of testosterone don’t add up with the symptoms that so many guys on the TRT forum apparently get from a single shot haha.

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It will help in all those areas, but the degree to which it does will largely depend on how you live your life.

It’s like when your levels are great 1+1=3. Pair TRT for a low T guy with good solid nutrition, consistent exercise, a proactive approach to relationships/marriage, and good sleep, and you will feel like a new man. Not a magic pill but sure helps get results.

I’ve been on for 12 months and went from 155@ 15-18% bf to 170 ish at 7-8%. My wife and I are way more frisky, and I have lots of energy. It’s been a great experience for me.


@unreal24278 is there a specific reason you say not to use HCG or just because I said I want to use the minimum number of substances possible? Testicular atrophy and infertility are concerns of mine. I have encountered conflicting information about whether TRT will make someone infertile or not. Just as I have encountered conflicting information about whether TRT will cause lasting hormonal damage if I decide to come off it.

@bmbrady77 You’ve made swift progress. How long have you been on TRT and what were your T levels like before therapy?

@jackolee my line of work is exhausting and puts a lot of wear and tear on my body. Do you think TRT would help me maintain high energy levels while working long hours? Just like baseball players taking PEDs to make it through a long season, I’m wondering if TRT can have a similar effect in preventing my body from breaking down.

I’ve been on TRT for 7 weeks now. My Total T was 244 (range 240-800) before I started.

Because you said you wanted to use the minimum amount of substances possible. If concerned about infertility but don’t want to use HCG then freeze some high fructose porn syrup and keep it at a sperm bank. If concerned about testicular shrinkage (which in my opinion, who cares?) Then HCG or potentially low dose Tamoxifen will help. However I’m not here to give drug advice, I’m just here to dispense advice about dru-… Wait, theyre both the same. I mean I’m not here to advise what drugs to use or what dose to take.

“It’s all about the dick to ball ratio” - Rich Piano may he RIP, I call him rich piano


Like I said earlier I believe it could definately help. If your gonna take the plunge I’d just highly recommend improving nutrition, and excercise as well. I’m almost 40 and in the same situation at work. It’s very physical and there are some days when I’m there 14 hrs. I can only speak for my experience but it’s helped me tremendously. Here’s a before and after from before I started till now.

Granted I’ve been training and eating really well


Wow, you look diesel. You went from dad bod to bodybuilder. Where are your levels?

Of course, I plan on having optimal nutrition. I’ve been working a lot lately (multiple jobs) and I just don’t have the stamina to hack it. I lack in other areas too. You’ve just about sold me on TRT!

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Test really helped your beard…………


My levels pre TRT we’re mid 200s. My body doesn’t respond as easily to test so at 250mg my peak levels are around 850 and my trough is around 650.

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Just make sure to do your due dillegence. It’s a life decision, and for some can be pretty tricky trying to find the right protocol

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You don’t feel any negative side effects from TRT? No water retention or bloating? Does TRT affect thirst or hunger?

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I think I’ve had a more ideal experience than most. Only issue I’ve had is that I’m estrogen sensitive and need either a SERM or an AI. I take .5mg anastrozole 12 hrs after each shot. I do 125mg twice weekly of test e. I don’t retain water. My HCT is right at 50% but it was there when I started so I just monitor it. Get labs done every 3 months or so. For me it’s been pretty ideal

180mg a week (90mg E3.5D) and I take .375mg of an AI at injection. My test is high(ish), my E2 is moderately high (expected with the higher test). Bloating and hunger are really based on my diet and training. If I pull 400lb in the AM I will be ravenous for a couple of days. If I have a bowl of spicy ramen one night, I will be bloated the next day.

TRT has been dialed in for about 7 months. I have lost 20 lbs of fat and gained about 15 in muscle. I am down 4" in pants waist size and they are hanging off of me now so prob more. I need new belts. In the last 2 months I have set PRs in all of my lifts at 47 years old (lifting for 17 years). My BP averages 128/65 and my resting heart rate is 54bpm. I do intermittent fasting on cardio days (3 days a week) where I go about 16-20 hours without eating from the prior night.

TRT saved my marriage and quite possibly my life. With all due respect, to question whether or not it has real benefits is just silly. There are million stories just like mine out there and quite a few similar ones right here in these forums.