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Does TRT Decrease Ejaculate Volume?

Or it is HCG related?

It’s person-specific. I say this because…

I’ve read studies stating that TRT effects ejaculate volume. And I’ve read forum posts from guys saying it does for them.

I’ve noticed no difference in EV before TRT, on TRT with HCG, and on TRT without HCG.

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Some people get decrease, other dont. HCG usually helps if you experience decrease

My experience is yes and it is counteracted by HCG. Makes sense too, since the bulk of the ejaculate is produced by the seminal vesicles and histologically, they are lined with both LH and androgen receptors. HCG simple replaces the lost LH signal from the pituitary.

My wife says NO. She acts like I turned a fire hose on her but I know she just doesn’t want to swallow. LOL


On just test Ive noticed significant decrease of around 80% ONLY when I change protocol to MORE test. It takes about 6-8 weeks for it to normalize. I have no problem when I drop my dose.