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Does TRT Affect E/T Ratio for Doping Test?


Currently one of the most used and reliable ways in doping controls to detect exogenous testosterone consumption is the relationship between testosterone and epitestosterone (T / E RATIO).

The normal range for a person who does not exogenously introduce testosterone into her body is 1/1, and it can even be 4/1 depending on genetic factors.

The WADA in its doping controls uses the 4/1 marker to determine if a person consumes testosterone exogenously and when this ratio is higher it considers it positive in the test.

It is true that athletes consume a supraphysiological dose of testosterone to increase their performance, which produces an increase in the testosterone indicator, but by not altering the epitestosterone value, it causes the ratio to increase to very high levels (for example 17/1)

My question is this:

If a person who is currently on TRT, with a physiological dose of testosterone (for example 100mg weekly of testosterone cypionate) only uses it to maintain values ​​in normal ranges in her body,

Would the E / T ratio be affected in a urine doping test?

By introducing any amount, even to maintain the normal ranges of testosterone in the body, of exogenous testosterone and to slow down natural production, would it also decrease the epitestosterone created naturally by the body and also increase the E / T range?

Could a person who is on TRT only to maintain normal values ​​and not to increase her performance pass a doping test? Since despite introducing exogenous testosterone into your body, the free testosterone values ​​in the body would not be different from those of a “natural” person and therefore would not have any advantage in competition.

Thanks a lot!

The excretion pattern of exogenous testosterone in the urine is observably different than that which is produced endogenously. Just because one is taking an amount that keeps them in the basic range does not guarantee that their T/E ratio will remain in range as well. Further, carbon isotope tests can show if the testosterone present is natural or pharmaceutical in nature.

Probably not. To my knowledge, WADA and USADA have never granted a therapeutic exemption for testosterone.

At one point, the ratio was 10:1, later changed to 6:1, and I knew guys who flew under the radar then.

So, it is not possible to stay below the 6: 1 ratio using only therapeutic dose?

“later changed to 6:1, and I knew guys who flew under the radar then.”

I don’t know about the 4:1 ratio. Presumably, some have been able to use testosterone at a lower dose and avoid a positive test result.

If they use a carbon isotope test then ratio doesn’t matter. WADA isn’t easy to beat. Hell, the guy who helped vastly improve the tests that detect metabolites wasn’t able to cheat WADA without swapping out urine. The chances that you’re more clever than Grigory Rodchenkov is probably somewhere near zero.

Is that the standard now?

Depends on who’s doing the testing. WADA? Yeah, expect to get caught. The American Dodgeball Federation of America? Probably not shelling out the big bucks for testing.

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MPMD did a video about this. One study showed that half (I think) of men taking 300mg test weekly came in under the 4:1 ratio.



One thought.

If you knew exactly the day of the test.

Would it be possible to switch from cypionate to propionate for 6 weeks… and cut 2 weeks before the test to have a negative result?

Yes, that would work. The people who have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to detect doping in sports will be fooled by you switching esters six weeks before a competition. Nobody will have ever thought of that before. JFC. If you don’t want to get caught then don’t cheat. If you don’t mind the risk of getting caught then go ahead and roll the dice. You’re not beating the tests. Much, much, much smarter people than you have tried and failed. So too will be your fate.

thanks for the disrespectful … clap.

i’m nor trying to beat anything … much less the WADA, i’m only trying to understand how a doping test works and the better way to pass them in TRT. even do a potent PCT weeks before the test.
some respectful idea?

SERM detection is no harder than steroid detection. Those substances are also banned by pretty much every sporting federation there is. If you want complete answers to every question you can conjure up then watch Icarus. Heck, watch it anyway because it’s a great film. But they cover everything you can imagine.

Really? Kinda sounds like it. Trying to pass off TRT for a tested event.

Do they test afterwards? If so just refuse it. You may lose your placing but no one will know you’re on AAS

I’ll add that a lot of pros don’t get popped for the AAS they used, but for the SERM they used to recover before the event