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Does Tribulus Work?


anyone know of any studies that suggest Trib actually DOES work?


Many have been posted. Do a site search. From my own experiences, it certainly does work.


if you want your viens more visible in a few days and more errections take tribulus


Biotest makes the best Trib I've ever used and the price is nice.


I am a user and a big believer in TRIBEX and Alpha Male. I remember the first time I used TRIBEX way back in about 99. My buddy who ran a supplement store convinced me to buy a stack of MAG-10 and follow it up with TRIBEX.

I had a good result with MAG-10 and was really surprised from the response I got with TRIBEX after. My arms got more veiny and I seemed to maintain all my strength increases from the MAG-10 run. Since then I have been a regular user of it and then Alpha Male.

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Oh trib works. It was viagra before viagra was viagra.



I don't know about any studies, but I've always been happy with the Tribulus in Tribex.


Let me clarify. This wasn't meant as a bash on Trib. I currently take TRIBEX and like it as well.

But I am lookin for human studies if available as opposed to anecdotal data or animal derivative data.

Don't forget, it wasn't THAT long ago that there were no human studies with Creatine...of course we all knew it worked.

I am just looking to find human data if it exists...


Purely anicdotal evidence but I went through a bottle earlier this year and never noticed any difference.


I'm not sure about data but just got some TRIBEX Gold. it's awesome.


You guys that are getting results from trib. What kind of results are you getting? Increased pumps, libido, energy? And are these results due to increases in test?


Does for me.


When taking any form of tribulus, would you have to worry about your estrogen levels at all (eg. aromatase)?


Good question by bobo86; I'd like to know the answer to that too. I have JUST started taking it regarding dirty ernie's post, and so far theres increased libido and soon after I take it a bit of increased energy.

Further, I seem to be a bit more vascular, though it's hard to tell. I haven't worked out recently; had the 'killer flu' and various university things happening + travel. Will update regarding pump etc if anyone is interested in a week or so.


No. But my personal experience says it does work. Do you think I need to see data to confirm this? Again, no.


I'm interested danchubb. Update that info when you can. Thanks


I understand that personal experience can be great but thousands of guys also swear by NO-Xplode etc...which has been debunked around here due to lack of data.

I want the info because i was talking to a friend who is skeptical unless he sees real data.

and AGAIN (why do i feel the need to repeat this around this group?) I am ON TRIBEX and like it.


I've found a few studies that tend to suggest it doesn't do anything; however, the extract wasn't standardized in the study nor were the steroidal values given. apparently, not a lot of study has been done.


Generally with a natural test booster no, you don't have to worry about conversion of test to estrogen. This usually occurs with steroid use when levels of androgens are much higher then the body normal produces which then stimulates conversion to estrodial.

With tribulas you are stimulating higher production however, still within the normal limits the body produces. However, for older gentlemen especially forty and above where aromatase generally starts to occur at higher levels naturally standard TRIBEX sold at GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as well as Alpha Male contain Vitex a potent prolactin/estrogen inhibitor.



Considering test lvls for males below 25 are already at a peak, Tribulus wouldn't really be too effective for lets a 20 year old male, would it?