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Does Tribulus Work ?


i am 20 years old , does tribulus improve my strength and results by increasing my test levels ?

many say tribulus is beneficial only after 35 years old

but generally is tribulus a good supplement for raising test levels ?

many say tribulus is a safe alternative for steroids


Didn't really notice any improvement in strength, all it did was shoot up my libido. Of course that could be a sign it was working.


I took it for a few months a while back, on the advice of a guy at my gym who suddenly got real big but swore he never touched steroids and that it was all due to hard training, good eating and tribulus terrestris. I noticed absolute zero difference from it. Couple months later the guy shrank back to previous size......I'm pretty sure he was lying to me and was just taking steroids.


At 20 you shouldn't be worried about t levels. Fish oil and zinc+magnesium should be all you need. Sounds like you are trying to take a shortcut with a magic pill. There is no substituting training hard and intelligent as well as eating right.


Great question, Natural.

The only true way to find out if Tribulus is working is to get your T-levels checked. At the age of 20 though, StevenF is right. You have plenty to testosterone to tap into so don't stress about it.


Didn't help me in my mid 20's, but definitely notice better recovery in my late 30's!





from the wikipedia page:

T. terrestris has consistently failed to increase testosterone levels in controlled studies.[10][11][12] It has also failed to demonstrate strength-enhancing properties.[13]

Tribulus has been shown to enhance sexual behaviour in an animal model.[14] It appears to do so by stimulating androgen receptors in the brain.


yes, it does...i had blood work done before starting trib and after a month on 500mg 2x per day

literally doubled total test but estrogen and SHBG were above the normal range as well... so yeah, trib raises test levels but the body compensates so you have to take something to lower E2 and SHBG


Good info, All I need to know. I used it before and never noticed any diffetrence at all. maybe increased the sex drive a bit but thats all


I found that I lifted the heaviest weights ever while using tribulus but who knows if it was due to the tribulus or just good training over a period of time. I would certainly not rule it out though.


I've heard this before from others who've had the bloodwork done before and after. Wonder if its something that running arimidex simultaneously could fix.

Why dont one of you young guinea pigs do it and make a thread about it?


I can vouch that it raises estrogen too. One time I used it I got a lump under the right nipple. I was worried at the time but it did go away after 3 months or so. The only reason I was not more concerned was because I had used tribulus several times in the past and felt comfortable using it which made me think it wasn't that serious. Thankfully it didnt become gyno but theres no doubt it would have led to it as a lump under the nipple is a warning sign for sure.


adex seems a bit harsh for trib... something like nettle root, tongkat and calc d gluconate should help bring down SHBG and E2 but im not sure how much the typical doses would do...


Tribuls works if you are a rat or rabbit. Here is an article on it:


Cant provide any anecdotal evidence i'm afraid, but a Chochraine review of the effects of tribulus on training individuals showed no statistically significant increase in test levels.


I've been following TC's "Dick of Death" protocol, as I am actively yearning to slay chicks with my deadly rod, and the addition of "Nettle Root" seems to have upped the libido and aggression. As I understand it, it reduces SHBG. Give it a try, it's dirt cheap.


tribulus alone wont do much, it will at first, until your body smartens up. try a combo formula like this.



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