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Does Training Time Matter on TRT Since Test Levels are Constant All Day Long?

I know that naturally T-levels are most high from between 7-9AM.

Is it the same with TRT?

I can’t sleep at night if work out in evening with pre-workout. However SOMETIMES it’s more convenient at times to go after work than before. Ideally I like mornings though

What are you taking for pre-workout and how late in the evening are we talking?

No, unless you are using aqueous testosterone, aka testosterone suspension.

So when someone is on TRT they’re T-LEVELS stay constant all day long 24/7 and doesn’t take a dip like people who aren’t?

I think it’s True @Emcon456 Maybe an Expert like @Systemlord can verify that for us all. on TRT myself.

Level will change, as your most recent dose is metabolized. Very gradually, however.

This is off topic from my original post. I have to go to LabCorp for 3 month lab follow up. I inject Monday mornings and Thursday evenings(ever 3.5 days). Which means I injected this morning. Is it best I go for labs on Thursday morning or will my T-levels show much higher if I go before that like tomorrow or Wednesday?

Thyroid hormones are lower at night time slowing metabolic rates.

You should have your blood drawn Mon morning before your shot to get close to your trough.

I was thinking of doing it today but didn’t have my car. They said mid January . Next Monday morning too late?