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Does Total Testosterone Reflect the Levels After Estradiol Conversion?

I am 32YO, I have a Total.T level of 105, free testosterone,SHBG levels are normal.
I consulted a Urologist and he has put me on hCG treatment. I did some research related to various reasons which could lead to Low T and found that aromatase enzyme which converts T to estradiol is one of them. My question is my total T level of 105 before of after the estradiol conversion?
Here are the tests which my doc advised me to take
Total T 1.05
Free T 7.2
SHBG 12.7
FSH 3.5
LH 6
Prolactin 10
I have taken hCG5000(FERTIGYN HP 5000) injections four times so far (this is what my doc has prescribed)and the T.T value at the end was 1.02.

Please post all available lab results WITH RANGES.

Your question is sort of nonsensical.

What is hCG treatment. List dose in iu’s, not volumes or “iu” on insulin syringe.

We need numbers not “are normal”.

Urologists typically have tunnel vision.

When did problem seem to start? Any blows to the head leading up to that. Any use of steroids or hair loss drugs [5-alpha reductase inhibitors]?

LH/FSH - must be done before TRT, if not, doc is an idiot
HTC - hematocrit
fT4 - not T3, T4

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Total T levels are before any conversion into estrogen/DHT and w/e testosterone can convert into

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I have updated my question with other test results numbers, I could see I did not get some of the tests done like E2, HTC but these are what I have.