Does Topical Yohimbine work?

My question is to the experts,especially Bill Roberts if he cares to respond:Does topical yohimbine work LOCALLY,on that particular area on which it is applied?Again,the question is not wether it gets into circulation but wether or not it works locally.

I did not get it to work to a degree I considered satisfactory (though there was
a tester who liked it a good deal) but this
does not mean that no one else might achieve
it. Opinions seem mixed.

It is easy however to achieve a local diuretic effect. I have not evaluated topical yohimbine products from other companies so I have no more knowledge of them than anyone else might from acquiring opinions of others.

The acid test for this type of product is
using on one side only, AND making the evaluation a day or more after the last application. If there is true local fat loss, the fat would certainly not be regained within only one day.

It is easy to make a product that appears
to have some effect during the time period
it is actually present, but this does not
have to be fat loss, but rather can be local diuretic effect.

Bill, have you heard of this product from Avant Labs named Lipoderm-y ? It is a topical yohimbine preparation like the others, but it seems different and above the others. I have bought it already as the website convinced me as it referenced 37 studies for its components and methods of actions, and sounded a lot different than other preps. It claims to have a special penetration enhancer (can’t recall name, but it’s on website), and delivers polar molecules like yohimbine percutaneously to specific local tissues and not systematically like a transdermal. The description of the product and how it works is long and scientific, and I have a good chemistry/biology background from Uni, so it does all seem accurate. Have you heard of this product, and if so, what do you think of it and the science behind it?

I haven’t looked at it specifically. I logged
onto Avant’s website once and the content was such that it doesn’t merit response. This is not to say though that they may not have a product that works – I simply don’t have the information to say one way or the other.

What about yohimbine HCL powder mixed with DMSO? Would this be better than the creams on the market?