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Does This Work?

Ok, so I’m really new to this way of life. I need some feedback.

I’ve read, like, 80 million articles on this site. My mind is exploding.

I was thinking of drinking protein shakes all day but then have a solid dinner. (I just realized that it’s reminiscent of those old Weight Watcher shakes commercials. Ack!)

I’d have a shake about every 2-3 hrs.

The dinner would typically be 2 veggies and a meat, usually chicken breast or a white fish.

Read the V-Diet, it is kinda the same but you dont eat the meal at night.

Gothic, in case you don’t have them already… here are some threads about the Velocity Diet:

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V-Diet Support Group II

The first post in the support group thread points to the first support group thread as well as some other useful related threads.

It’s not easy, but with some planning and appropriate supplements it’s been pretty effective.

Yeah, this is similar to VD or the old Fat Fast and the MRP diet that Chris Shugs once wrote.

I’ve tried to do something like this, and I can do it for about 1-2 days max. I find that for me, I need whole food. I can’t live on liquid meals all day long, and I crave the texture and fullness that I get from “real” food rather than various protein shakes.

Don Alessi has some good advice in his “Don’t Diet” book. He recommends three liquid meals and three whole meals a day. This is more of what I do (but I also eat some whole food with my protein shakes, except with Surge - postworkout). That works for me, but if you can do 4-5 protein shakes/MRP’s and one whole-food meal a day, then go for it.

[quote]JMac10 wrote:
Read the V-Diet, it is kinda the same but you dont eat the meal at night.[/quote]

Yeah, I actually tried it last time I was working out (March). Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. (Kids got sick, I fell off the wagon.) I felt like total crap by day 3 or 4 and so I had a salad. Sweet, sweet delicious FOOD! LOL

Seriously, I do like the V-Diet, but is it ok to do since I’m a beginner?

And is your av really you? It’s so cute!

That was the link I didn’t have already bookmarked. Thank you! And thanks for your Beginners thread. Excellent! I think I bookmarked nearly every link you had in there. LOL!

Ok, off to re-read!

Yes that is me.

The MRP Diet
by Chris Shugart and TC


For the V-Diet… if you are just starting to clean up your diet, mentally it would be tough. If you had 1 clean solid meal I feel sure the mental strain wouldn’t be so bad. My boyfriend did this diet and he did lose weight, without losing muscle. He was up to 222 and at 2 weeks he was 215. Some of that will be water weight as well though. Goodluck :slight_smile: