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Does This Training Have a Name?

Hey Guys, does the following way of lifting have a name, such as 'descending sets' or something like that? Please don't flame me, just asking if anyone knows.

Pick a weight you can do 20 reps with. The rest between sets, in seconds, equals how many reps you just did. I did 20,16,9,6,4,2,1,1,1 and it was hellacious! The pump was amazing but the last 5 sets were truly painful. Is this part of anyone’s system.

Thanks for any replys.

closet thing ive heard of to that is the 10-10-2-20 cycle(a true bitch)which is where i do a weight i could do for 10 reps(on leg extension)added 30-50lbs did 10 more,added at least 75lbs did 2,dropped 50 and did 20,then you go to the squat rack.the only rest you get is however long it takes to get the weights on.I did this for about 2 months with some calves thrown in and got some decent sized legs.but its all i could do that day

thats the only thing i could think of that has so little rest

The term you’re looking for is pyramidding.

Headhunter, I would clasify this as a form of Lactic Acid training, as what you are primarily doing is teaching your muscles to better deal with lactic acid. There are varying opinions on the value of that methodology - but it is truly challenging mentally!

The closest thing this reminds me of was about 7 years ago when MuscleMag wrote an article on 100 rep training for body parts. The idea was pick a weight, do as many reps as you can, rest the number of seconds as the total number or reps you got, and repeat until you got 100.

It was a great change of pace to the workout regime. they recommedned weights in the 30-40% range of your max and to do compound lifts.

Thanks, guys!