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Does This Sound Like Ketosis?


Hi. I've been doing 2 a days, along with a low carb intake (around 20g net per day) in order to round out my cut. Last night after my 4th intense workout in about 40 hours I started feeling extremely weird. Mentally foggy, run-down worse than I ever had. My limbs felt like they were made of lead. I went to bed about an hour early but just tossed and fidgeted most of the night, I had to piss 4 times, which is odd because I didn't drink a ton of water yesterday. I was freezing as I laid there, even though it's summer and I had a blanket over me.

I was also extremely thirsty, like I had just run a couple 400m sprints without water between. I also had the weirdest taste in my mouth. I woke up this morning and I feel about the same, although I think the circadian rhythm has taken out some of the tireness. I still feel pretty foggy right now, and I had to skip my morning conditioning workout because I'm not sure I could actually do it without injuring myself or someone else. Does any of this sound like ketosis? I'm really fucked up right now, I wouldn't wish this on anyone


Welcome to Ketosis. Population: you.

I gave up on my diet when I found I couldn't perform long division with paper and pencil. I stared at the sheet and had no idea what to do.


2 a days on 20g of carbs?


yeah in retrospect not the smartest idea. Bumping that up to like 80-100 net and just dropping fat down.


That's exactly how I felt actually. I need to tweak this


I find that adding carbs peri-workout is a must for me, even when cutting. I basically don't count those carbs. Also, adding a day or two a week of high-carbs (classic carb cycling) goes a long way towards feeling better in the gym, and doesn't seem to slow the fat burning down.


Yep, that's ketosis. Some people do fine, some don't. I never had a HUGE problem with it, but motivation was simply hard to draw. Lifting wasn't fun, walking around wasn't fun, being a human wasn't easy. Going from one end of campus to the other felt like a burden. Some people do great though, like MODOK and others who do the AD with success. Google ketosis - it's not 'dangerous' but can definitely interfere with athletic performance.


I've noticed that this phase usually only seems to last a week or so with most people though... Eventually you get used to it and stop feeling quite so shitty.


You haven't mentioned how much fat you are getting in daily. It's only ketosis if you have enough fat in your diet, otherwise, it's just undereating.


around 65g of fat


yeah I'm kind of shocked at how bad I reacted to it. I'm usually pretty tempered in my reactions to diet, supplements, exercise. This shit last night into this morning felt terrible


65g of fat isn't enough in my opinion.


Holy shit. I was thinking you were going to say in the 100's. 65g fat and only 10 grams of carbs a day? How many calories for each day.

I don't know much about the AD but a quick google search gave:

40% protein, 60% fat, 25g carbs max.

I don't think your anywhere near there in terms of fat.


x2, during my most extreme cut last summer I was floating between 100-150g fat/day.


Yeah, I agree. When I was on the AD, I was eating around 250 g protein, <30g carb, around 200-300 g fat. But I was trying to gain (didn't work). Like the other dude said, ketosis is horrible for about a week then the symptoms subsist (suually) and you'll feel normal-ish again. I saw your progress in the RMP thread. Great job so far. Abs are coming in and all. BUT, if you want to get to the next level, I'd suggest hiring a coach. A lot of people are too stubborn, but I think that with a seasoned expert in your corner, you could take 8 weeks and get 100% absolutely shredded. It sounds like you're on the way to screwing up your metabolism w/ all you've written, and a coach like Shelby or someone could definitely help you out.


If your carbs are going to be below 50 grams a day your fats will need to be at least 130 to compensate.

Get enough protein to build muscle/keep it and then use another macro for energy i.e fats or carbs "the way god intended" as MODOK puts it.

An example,

im at 2100 kcals daily with 30 grams of carbs but 140 grams of fat.


low carbing it for two days is about the right amount of time for the suck to set in.


You guys beat me to what I was going to say...

20g of Carbs = 80 cals
65g of Fat = 585 cals
thats a total of 665 cals

How much protein are you eating? 250? Thats still only 1600 cals a day... thats pretty low for someone doing two a days and weighing as much as you do IMO


What I was doing was this:

Training Days:

Fat: 67
S. Fat:15
Fiber: 33
N. Carbs: 111
Protein: 290

and on Conditioning days:

Cals: 2324
Fat: 92
S. Fat: 23
Carbs: 36
Fiber: 15
N. Carbs: 21
Protein: 329

I thought that by doing 2 a days, and using the conditioning day diet I could amp up the cut. Scratch that one lol. I'm going back to using the Training days macros when I do the 2 a days, and on my conditioning days (where I only workout once) I'll do low carb thing.


The experience the last 24 hours definitely sucked, but I'm going to learn from it. I'm also going to get better with timing my carbs on my training days. Too often I eat them earlier in the day at work, then eat like 12 oz. of chicken breast pre workout.