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Does this Sound Like Being Run Down/OT


The past two weeks I got a new job, it requires you to load usually anything from 20-70lb boxes onto a cart. Its not constantly lifting but there's a lot. The sleeping schedule really f*cked me up and I was getting 3hrs of sleep the first few days. Eating schedule was off. This caused me to get sick. I still worked out as sick like always but I took an extra day off here and there if I needed.

Anyway its a week later, Im finally not sick anymore. Although I notice, that im very sore after workouts in the worked area, more than usual. I have a general achyness all over. I have no motivation to do anything, I just feel hazy and lethargic. I feel very hungry but I get full very easily. Normally the tell tale signs for me to take time off is lack of a pump and lack of sex drive. Although I still get a pump in the gym and still get a pump in my pants.

What does this sound like brosephs? And what would you do? Take a few days off


adapt and become stronger for it


X2 on this.

Get your daily schedule in order, eat right, sleep proper, you'll be adapted in no time.


I'm paying off student loans working physical labor for pepsi. I pull 1-1.5 ton pallets around all day while unloading most of my 1600+ cases a day two at a time weighing 22lbs - 48lbs. Cease working out for those first two weeks to let your body become accustomed to the new load then go back at a previous lesser volume routine you've done for 4 weeks and then back to your most recent routine. My advice as far as food consumption goes is buy dessicated liver pills and take 2-3 every hour you working (I don't care if you don't like the taste, make sure to chew them thoroughly as your supposed to chew their food). They are loaded with everything your body needs to withstand the negative energy onslaught from a physically taxing job.

Once I was 3 months into it I was able to make gains as I did before starting. It goes without saying that having a office job would obviously benefit any bodybuilding more that a physical one.


I'm a courier for a warehouse, boxes weigh between 40-60 lbs, cart/move/pick up upwards of 200 on some days, probably walk anywhere between 3-4 miles a day, and do this 4 days a week, and still manage to train 5 days a week. You'll have to make proper nutrition and sleep a priority. Sip some BCAAs throughout the day, Scivation Xtend has some delicious flavors, the blue raspberry one literally tastes like soda. Get on a multivitamin if you're not already Opti-Men by ON is pretty cheap.


welcome in the club LOL
you will adapt and you will comeback to trainig,that's for sure.
the only tip is to match volume training (job) with iron game,i'm not talling you to train with less intensity but if your back&traps are worked daily with high volume (job) probably you just need - for those body parts- one intense training per week to continue to grow.
what I did is to accomodate frequency/split of training with the job; if i know that monday is an heavy job day for me I hit pecs&tris (muscles not involved in the job),i usually train the back in the less stresfull job day of my week (usually friday).
hope it helps


Instead of wasting your money on two different supplements whose bio-availability is entirely unknown why not go with desiccated liver? It is rich in iron, selenium, the entire b complex, vitamin d, vitamin a and other micronutrients. It also contains a hefty dose of BCAA's, most likely comparable or more then your powder product in the right amount as well as every essential nucleic acid. Not only that but it is cheap... 500 pills for $40 when 2 every hour for a 8 hour work shift would allow for 31 work days of guaranteed nutrition.


didnt know those had all that, im buying....


im sold as well


i was unaware of every piece of information you've just laid on us... i'm gonna look into them, thanks.
I've honestly never even heard of desiccated liver..