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Does This Site Support Steroids?


Hello all,

I'm fairly new to this site, so I'm sorry if this queston is blatantly obvious. From what I have gathered about this site, it seems to be in support of using steroids. I have learned in school and from professionals that steroids are bad and illegal. In my opinion, this site is discredited, if it supports steroids. Am i right? What do you all think?



I'd say....TUBE STEAK BOOGIE!!!!



You may want to read "T-Nation Defined," found on the left side of this page. Here's a link to help you understand what this site is about:


Hope that helps!
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That's a really interesting question, but I think it's been already answered. Check out this link:



Yeah - this site is totally discredited because it doesn't perpetuate the lies and ignorance of an agenda driven media.

Please read around the site, and see if you still hold that it is discredited because it supports the "S" word.


Yes, yes we do. We support steroids. At least I do, though I choose not to use them.


Yes you are correct, you can leave now. Just kidding buddy. You have a lot to learn especially if you beleive your bodyfat is .07%

Read as much as you can, check out Vrooms begineer thread, for suggestions on which articles to start with.

If you dont understand something or cant find an answer to your question you can post it in the forums.


T-Nation supports the exchange of knowledge and fact, even on topics that the general public and "professionals" don't find popular. Are steriods illegal? Yep. Why are they illegal? Mainly due to a massive amount of misinformation, flat out lies, and negative public attitude.

Steriods can be dangerous if abused or used incorrectly. However, like any other drug, they can also be used effectively with little or no negative side effects. Many steriods, when used correctly, have less negative effects than many drugs used for treating arthritis or heart conditions.

T-Nation supports factual exchange on the issue, and the fact is that steriods can change your physique for the better and improve your health with minimal to no negative side effects if you are smart about it.

PS Why do you think your school would know anything about steriods? Unless those "professionals" that you talked to were professionals like Cy Wilson, why would you listen to them? Don't get opinions on the matter, get facts. Then make up your own mind.


Tube Steak Boogie!


If this site is discredited, why are you asking lots of questions in other threads? You're wasting your time, you see, because the information from this site won't apply to you, because we are all juiced to the gills. I'm injecting myself with a cocktail of various testosterone esters right now, and typing with the other hand. I also carry d-bol around in a Pez dispenser. Yesterday and old lady cut in front of me in the supermarket. I roid raged out on her, and threw her into the produce section. Luckily for her some lettuce braced her fall. My heart could explode any minute, or my liver, I have 30023 zits, and my penis doesn't work. But I'm big.


What was the question again?

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LMAO!!! Especially the 30023 zits part.


On a bit more serious note. Yes we support steroid use but to that we HAVE to add that we're talking about intelligent use.

If you go thrue the steroid thread you'll see that

I have used steroids, it can be done perfectly safe if you KNOW what you're doing. I made the choice after a lot of research. At that time I'd been working out for 23 years, I was 37 years old and hardly made any progress anymore.

Regarding the point about AAS being illegal....It depends where you live, I live in Thailand and here AAS are OTC.

Do yourself a favor and do a LOT of research about AAS and compare the results with what media have to say. You'll be surprised.

Do a comparison with Tobacco, alchohol, asprin to start with. Then post here again with your results which of these products cause most fatalities/hospital visits per year.

Good luck.


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At 0.7 percent body fat the guy would probably be dead !


How can a site support steroids? Do we gather them in a small circle and let them talk about their problems? Maybee throw an ampule a $20 every so often when it is down on its luck?

The use of steroids, Yes.
Not my personal choice, but if I do, I want the best info available, not some fairy tale from some bozo at the gym.


We support a firm boot in yo ass!