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Does this seem odd?

Found this article in the Reuters Odd section. So these people are being fined for using alternate fuel sources. Unless it produces dangerous (or MORE dangerous) emissions, I would think the government wouldn’t care. Thoughts?

http://news.excite.com/odd /article/id/273191|oddlyenough| 10-09-2002::07:42|reuters.html (omit spaces)

I think it just goes to show what a stranglehold the oil industry has on government (both here and abroad). I would hope that the EPA (or whatever agency they have in Wales) would step in and ask the gov to cool it. Besides, what the difference between this and driving an electric car? I mean, these people are even using recycled oil for their fuel. With air pollution and energy shortages being what they are, I would think the gov would welcome this (unless, as you said, it is causing some other kind of harm to the environment.


Tax Tax Tax Tax

Petrol has high levels of sales tax. Governments can get away with it because petrol is an inelastic good (i.e. when its price goes up its consumption does not fall greatly). But if you substitute cooking oil (low sales tax) the government misses out on its income. This is why they are trying to stop the use of cooking oil in cars.