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Does This Seem Like Gyno


I've seemed to have this for awhile but have never been sure whether or not it was gyno. It definitely seems kind of puffy and has been as long as I can remember since I was fat when I was younger (now 20). It seems like it mostly from the side with how much it comes out. I feel a bit of a lump underneath the nipple but no tenderness at all. In talking with my lifting partner he said he could feel a lump/gland under his as well but not when he flexes, I can still feel a bit of a lump when flexing. The other side to it though is that when i'm cold out of the shower, for instance, it doesn't really look like gyno at all and my brother who's always been leaner and never really worked out seems to have these "puffy nipples" as well so I can't be sure. It does look pretty very similar to the before picture here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Impending_Gynecomastia,_Puffy_Nipples.jpg

I have not yet used AAS and my test levels are actually fairly low (~400ng/dl), not sure about estrogen.

so basically
1. Does it seem like gyno?
2. If it is, is there anything I can really do about it at this point besides surgery?
3. Does having some already from non AAS related issues , or even having what looks like it which may be the case, make me more predisposed to gyno from future AAS use and if so would a SERM still be able to completely take care of any new gyno?




relaxed side


closer side


You look pretty normal to me. I think the thing to remember is if this was a picture of someone else and you werent necessarily looking for gyno then would you think they had gyno right away or even suspect it? Surely gyno has to be fairly obvious to cause concern. Perhaps because you are looking for it your mind is telling you it is there. As I say you look fine to me so i would not worry.


I've certainly become more conscious of it lately, it hasn't really gotten worse over the years, at least I don't think so, but it was enough for my lifting partner to point it our as "hershey kiss nipples" lol which I kind of agree with. from the side when it's not hard/contracted it seems to stick out to an annoying extent.

I'm also wondering if it would mean i'm more predisposed to it in the future

  1. yes, probably

  2. Surgery is by far the safest and most effective option.

  3. if you ever use AAS and dont control estrogen the tissue will grow. If you do use AAS control aromatization properly it shouldnt get worse. You'd do that ideally with an AI though, not a SERM.

It's hardly noticeable though, and the only reason I say you likely have some gyno there is because you can feel a lump. Visually, it's not bad at all IMO


I was hoping to get your input, thanks. I might consider surgery in the future if it gets worse but i do realize its not that big of a deal, it's just a bit annoying especially from the side relaxed. I almost would hope its slight gyno because that would mean it could at least be removed if I chose to go that route

As for the lump, is it not normal to feel anything there? The NP I went to said it seemed normal feeling it, I thought everyone could feel some lump/gland right under their nipple? The main thing I noticed was that my lifting partner said he could relaxed but not flexed whereas I can still feel it slightly when flexed. As I mentioned it strangely seems to be non-existent (as far as seeing it) when cold/the nipple is contracted.

Regarding the AI, I know during the cycle thats recommended but everything I've read has mentioned taking Nolva if gyno symptoms start to appear and i've read about nolva in the treatment of gyno in general.

If this is slight gyno I guess that would make me more predisposed to getting it with cycles int he future? Would that suggest I should take a SERM from the start or would that just hinder results?

Thanks again man


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About the SERM vs AI

The SERM will act quicker to stop e2 from binding to the estrgoen receptors at your nipples. The AI will prevent the e2 level in your entire body from elevating too high.

Very different things. The SERM shouldnt be necessary if the AI is used properly.

You would use an AI from the outset and have the SERM ready for PCT/emergency plan B wrt to gyno.


OK I did know that about SERMs vs. AIs but it was just that everything I read said to take a SERM (Nolva in particular) if gyno arises, I guess like you said though thats for post cycle or just in case. So even if gyno does happen to arise it should be reversed/taken care of completely by taking the SERM for PCT?

On a similar note, do you have an opinion on SERMs being necessary for PCT in general? I always assumed you would just take it after the cycle but I have been seeing a few people saying just sticking with the AI is fine even after the cycle. A couple of my friends have done 1-2 30-day PH cycles ("mdrol", "sdrol", "dmz", maybe one other one....and yea I know real AAS is recommended over these, it's just what they had access to I guess) and all of them 1. had their PCT be arimidex only (I have never read about an AI for PCT) and 2. Only used arimidex AFTER they were completely done the 30-day cycle, not during. They seemed to keep their gains. Any thoughts?


  1. stop listening to your friends and 'some people'.

  2. a SERM is the PRIMARY ASPECT of conventional pct. Your friends using arimidex only, post cycle are stupid, to put it bluntly.

  3. Regarding your first paragraph: No. PCT and gyno prevention are two different things. You just happen to be able to use the same drugs to tackle both. If you use the AI properly on cycle you should not get gyno.

Read the SERM/AI sticky a few times and do some more research.


lol it seemed interesting to me that they kept their gains. One took arimidex, one took reversitol and one took some bs and actually that one did lose his gains in a few weeks. I wonder why the first two kept them though.

I have read the stickies, which is why I thought it was weird to not have a SERM for PCT, but there is definitely a lot more I need to learn.


Are you talking about the supplement called 'arimedex hd'?


I believe so, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003UCMGPC/ref=ox_sc_act_title_4?ie=UTF8&m=A1LQ759O23Q0NG

let me guess, I'm retarded and this is not actually arimidex or something?

For the record the PH I was considering in the future has the AI 1-4-6- andostatriene-3,17 dione (ATD), 30mg/day in it. Which apparently acts like Aromasin?


lol not arimidex.

Dont use prohormones. Especially if youre worried about gyno.


damn, I was wondering why there was an article written about how to get arimidex from your doc when it was so available. I guess it's on the same level of nolva and clomid now as far as availability/legality?

Keeping in mind that i'm asking to learn as much as possible, is there any reason other than the standard reason of AAS being generally more effective/safe than PH's? Because I would prefer to take them of course but PH's are so easily available and legal. As for results, from what I've read of Sdrol/DMZ/Monster plexx, etc some of the results in just 30 days were outstanding.

Also, why would gyno be more of a concern with PH's? From what I understand they're no more aromatizable and many are 'drier' compounds

I sent you a PM


Never use the words 'wet' or 'dry' when referring to these drugs. It literally makes no sense and I have no idea how it staretd.

If your gyno gets worse from a ph thats not supposed to cause gyno then what? Its happened before.

Superdrol is no more legal than dianabol. Access is a different story but be careful if youre worried abot the law.


I thought it had to do with if it was aromatizable or not, but that's just what I've read here

I see what you mean, idk how that would happen but I guess that's the point.

Well I guess it's an "sdrol clone" that is really the exact same thing so I'm not worried about it from a legality standpoint, and I already have it. Dbol and other AAS, however, I do not :\

Edit: just out of curiosity, I know you are not a fan of dbol only cycles, but I imagine you would think a dbol only cycle for say 4 weeks would be better than a "PH only" cycle for 4 weeks, both in terms of safety and results?


well superdrol isnt a pro-hormone. It's a designer steroid, it doesnt require conversion. It's active as is. It's not a bad drug to add to a cycle.

Niether is a good option just because there are so many better options. Niether is dangerous though.