Does This Scream Gyno to You?

Hey guys,

So I have recently discovered a few lumps around my chest area on both sides. They aren’t directly behind the nipple, but rather around the border of the nip and a little further out as well. I didn’t even know what gyno really was or that you could get it from puberty naturally. I didn’t have any issues with painful/itchy nips during my first cycle (500mg test E 12 weeks) and made fantastic gains. However during pct I got in a car accident and tore my rotator cuff and injured my lower back. I lost a considerable amount of muscle and strength and put on some fat during my recovery. The past 6 months I’ve been training hard and made good gains naturally. I decided it’s time to start a second cycle.

I’m looking to do 600mg test (1-14) 400mg deca (1-12) and 40mg dbol (1-4)

I have gotten pretty paranoid about gyno despite having everything on hand in case of issues. I have letro, Adex, Asin, and nolva in case something pops up so I’ve got backups for my backups I’m terms of AI.

My main reason for posting is to get others’ opinion on how much nips look (no homo lol) in terms of gyno. I’ll post a couple pics below and tell me what you think. I do tend to store most of my fat in my torso area so this could be another factor. Does it look like I have noticeable gyno? Thanks everyone!

You ran 500mg/week and this was the fantastic gains? Bro you must have looked like a starving child before.

I dont think you need to be using gear therfore you shouldn’t have to worry about gyno

Side note: I do like that sink and bathroom counter top.


The photo’s don’t scream gyno to me. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a small case of it. Could just be a little bit of fat, rather than breast tissue it. Whilst you aren’t fat you are smooth so that makes it hard to definitively tell.

I use a little nolva on cycle, seems to be the most effective way of keeping gyno symptoms away without crashing E2

Dude did you even read my post? I got in a car wreck during pct and couldn’t lift for 4 months.

Ok that doesn’t change what I said. You have a dbol/test/deca cycle planned when you should have a meal prep and training cycle planned. You also sholdnt be using dbol if your paranoid about gyno.


Is see you just completely ignored my compliment on your sink and counter top.

Sheesh that’s crazy can’t give compliments or criticism to people anymore.


Thanks coach. Nothing you have posted has any relevance to the question at hand. You’re obviously just here to flame me so please just stop.

I must admit that is a nice sink/countertop combo:)


No its not what you want to hear. So therefore you consider it “flaming” when in reality it’s constructive criticism.

But let’s face it no one wants to hear what they need to they just want validation that’s everything is going to be ok.

Still no thanks on the counter top and sink complement. I just can’t win with you smh.

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I could care less what you have said. What I don’t want to hear is “yep you’ve got a nice pair of tits growing my friend.” That’s the entire point but you obviously fail to see that. I’m done arguing with you at this point.

Thank you so very much for the compliment.

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I wouldn’t call them nice. They are decent.


I was thinking the same thing. But who uses bar soap.


People with gyno apparently

Edit: to the OP this is just a joke I don’t think you have Gyno altho it’s hard to tell but I think your just a bit flabby. You still shouldn’t be using steroids tho.

I really like how he incorporated the brown trim of the mirror to match the brown in the countertop. Really matches nicely.

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This is just a trolly question, but Why must you say no homo when talking about looking at your nips? Was it for the lulz, or insecurities ? Do I have to say No Homo, if I am pinching my nipples while looking at your nipples?

Shit well if that’s the case

No homo.

Side note: check out the towels in the back not folded but rolled that’s impressive. And they look like those fluffy towels you only can find at super expensive resorts.

@trenharder do you mind telling me where you buy your towels from?


Shit, I’m way ahead of you brother. Did you notice that shelving rack? That must be an Ikia product or Bed, Bathroom and Beyond.

I was disappointed that the towels dont have that little wooden clasp ringer thing. On a serious note, I think OP might be in need of some Rogaine here shortly. Looks a little thinning up top.

You know his wife decorated this place. No dude puts vases in the bathroom.

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Would you fellas like a full tour of my bathroom or something?

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See, no need for the no homo comments. Just show me your bedroom. Where the magic happens.

And nice tits BTW. Dont mind Zeeks opinion, he is kind of a tit-elitist. Boobs are boobs for me.


At this point I’m interested in the whole house but I want it to be one of those 360 degree virtual tours so I can go at my own pace. I don’t want to be rushed while I admire the finer things in your life.