Does This Program Sound Good?


Second post here and doing good so far. I joined my local Gold’s Gym and was presently suprised I was not so out of place there… its the closest gym so it works.

I did the free two Trainer meetings since I never have been a gym member before. They set me up with a Total body workout… basically doing everything in one day…

Pullups 3x10 (with weight offset)
Leg press
Leg extensions
shoulder press
biceps (curls)
triceps (curls)
crunches , etc

I often see people doing different muscles every other day, or etc. I plan on being in the gym 6 days a week on the days between my workouts I will be doing cardio hitting the bike or eliptical (I have bad knees)…

Do you think this is good for a new person? I feel a little sore the day after the workout, nothing brutal it actually feels goodfeels like progress is being made.

My long term goal is to slim down the fat while picking up some muscle… I dont want to be a big muscle head, but I would like to get nice arms and chest would love to see my abs too (someday).

Oh boy. Read this thread two or three times. Or four.

I agree read that thread and the articles mentioned and come back with any and all questions.

Above all welcome to the site and hey Good work on just taking the step joining the gym etc.