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Does This Program Need More Volume?

Squats 3X3 (work up to max set of)
Front Squats 6X3
Narrow Stance Good Mornings 3X8-12

Overhead Press 10X3
Narrow Grip 3 Board Press 3-5X3-5
DB Press 3-4X8-12
Pushdowns 10X10-15
Lateral raises 3X8-12
Plate Raises

DL or Rack pull or DL off platform 1-3X1-3 (work up to max set of)
RDL 5X3-5 (work up to max set of)
BB Row 5-6X3-6
GHR 4X6-12
Chins or Pulldowns 4X10-12

Bench Press 3-5X3-5 (work up to max set of)
Narrow Grip 2X8-12
Incline DB Press 3-4X6-8
Skullcrushers 3-4X6-10


i wanted to keep the basic strength movements (bench/squat/dl) while adding in some isolation work as well.

also, although it sounds retarded, i also wanted to incorporate more shrugs or neck harness work, since i have a pencil neck and traps :\

should i just put it with my shrugs or, furthermore, can i do it twice a week?

im looking for suggestions/possible additions or subtractions. critiques/thoughts appreciated and welcome

You have a lot of solid exercises in there, which is great. The main issue that strikes me is lack of unilateral leg work.

A1) Squat
B1) Good Morning
B2) Barbell Step Up
…worked really well for me when I was doing upper/lower. You have lots of options for unilateral leg training.
-Reverse lunges
-Step Ups
-Lunges to a platform
-Bulgarian squats
and more


I think you have a pretty solid program. You could add some bicep work on day 4 and throw in some shrugs with day 1 so you hit them 2x a week. Anthro makes a good suggestion to add unilateral leg work on day one. I would choose one of those uni-lateral exercises and add it to what you already have.

Not knowing your goals makes it hard to give you any specific advice but at first glance your rep ranges seem a little all over the place. I like to keep things pretty consistant throughout the workout and adjust the weights accordingly.

good call with the step-ups and bulgarian split squats. i’ll be adding them as well as the shrugs on day 1.

as for goals, i dont really even know anymore. ive been bombarded with so much conflicting information that i just threw together my own program which is a little bit of everything. i guess like anyone else i just want to get bigger. as long as my deadlift and squat are going up, i don’t really care.

Maybe throw a calf exercise in the first day

Please include what you expect out of this program. That can be a big help for the members that are trying to help.

Are you a competitive/non-competitive bodybuilder? Are you an aspiring athlete? Maybe getting into powerlifting later on etc.?

Things like that.

Well I see no bicep exercises.


What are your goals?

make sure you’re getting good recovery. you have a lot of great movements. i can see it being very demanding on your body so get your rest and eat well. i like it.

[quote]awebayt wrote:
also, although it sounds retarded, i also wanted to incorporate more shrugs or neck harness work, since i have a pencil neck and traps :[/quote]


if your just starting out; this routine is fine…just start adding more volume and/or exercises when you stop making progress. Would not hurt to add some biceps in and maybe some leg curls for hams.