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Does This Program Help for Muscle Growth?


Hello T Nation experts/users,
I weight 60kg am 165 height i want to grow muscle and my coach recommended the following program for me. Its much appreciated if you give me your expert opinion. Beside the nutrition advises does this program works for me to grow muscle?

The program is 3 sets (10,8,8 for the reps)

Day 1Legs:
Low leg press
Leg extension
high leg press
lying curl
seated calf (410)
standing calves (4
traps (4*10)

Day 2(chest & shoulders):
incline dumbel fly
bench press
incline leverage press
superset: seated leverage press/chest dips
cable flyes
Shoulders: Arnold
front lateral raise
side lateral raise
face cable pull.

Day 3 (arms and back):
wide pull down
wide cable row
narrow T bar
one arm row
cable pull over.
Supersets for arms:
cable lying extension/biceps cable curl
tri pull down/one arm db preacher curl
tri cable extension/hummer curls

Day 4: REST

DAY 5: (legs, chest, arms)
lying curl
seated calf (420)
standing calves (4
Superset: incline cable fly with db press
dumbell press
peck deck fly (keeping tension for 10 seconds on the last rep)
Arms supersets:
Lying extension/ez bar wide bi curl
tri dips/ alternate curl

Thanks in advance.


All routines, done consistently, will yield results.

What kind of coach is he?


Very briefly:

  • lots of assistance work, probably far too much
  • no progression: how and when will you add load?
  • no mention of diet, which is absolutely essential to building muscle


Whenever i feel able to load i add weight, even between sets. As for nutrition, i have to eat just monsterly eat.


Are you training with your coach in real life or is this something you got from an online coach?