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Does This Plan Sound Right?


Dumb diet/workout question:

I am 31, 6’6", and weight 330 pounds (read: tall and fat). Obviously I need to lose weight. A large amount of weight. I worked out very seriously in my youth, but work, beer, pizza, and general laziness have brought me to this point. Time to change, or I am going to die soon.

So, I have read the t-dawg 2.0 nutrition plan and have been working to adapt that to a bloke my size and weight. Can you guys critique what I am doing?

8:30am Meal 1: Protein shake with a non-fat yogurt, fruit, and water.

11:00am Meal 2: Tuna, carrots, and a small whole wheat pita.

1:00pm Meal 3: 2 chicken breasts, mixed vegetables.

4:00pm Meal 4: HPLC bar (45g protein 11g carb)

6:00pm Meal 5: 25g beef jerky

8:30pm Meal 6: Baked Fish/chicken/beef with veges.

10:00pm: sleep.

I am drinking about 1.5 - 2 gallons of water a day.

This diet gives me about 2300 - 2500 cal, with 105-110g carbs, 315-320g protein, and about 80 - 85g fat.

I usually work out first thing in the morning (6:30am) after a couple of glasses of water. My workouts go like this:

Mon: Morning lower body, evening easy cardio
Tuesday: Morning HIIT cardio, evening easy cardio
Wednesday: Morning upper body, evening easy cardio

…and so on. I have Sunday off and just do the above pattern.

How does all of this sound for weight loss?

Any/all help greatly appreciated. Tear it to bits.

You should probably up your calories a bit. If you’re coming from a sedatary lifestyle just working out is going to cause fat burn and you’ll see newbie muscle gains at the same time. It seems like you’ll be very active and and you want to make sure you dont burn yourself out with lack of food.

I agree 100% and feel youd be best served at first just adopting the T-Dawg 2 food timing and combos without the emphasis on caloric intake.

See where that and a training routine gets you then later worry further about k/cal restriction.

I’d be cautious about working out on an empty stomach. You’re not going to be able to give as much in the gym with nothing in you.