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Does This Plan Make Sense?


I am a wrestler and the season starts at the end of November. I do not want to stay at the 119 pound weight class and no matter what I eat I can not gain weight. I have been looking at these 21 day programs and thought this might work. I would use the Mass System to...get mass and muscle.

Then before wrestling season use the Ripped System to drain all the water from my body, meaning that whatever I weight in at for wrestling, will be all made of muscle. Does that make sense?




Are you going to drain your bone, organs, and fat, as well? To achieve a weigh in composed of all muscle.



thanks for being a smart ass


Yikes! Most chemistry labs don't have that many compounds in them.

You're 119lbs. The answer to muscle gains don't come in a pill, they come on a plate. Plates filled with healthy foods, and plates loaded on an olympic bar.

Start with the sticky threads in beginner's forum and read up. There are many great articles on nutrition and routines for "hardgainers". Bottom line: You only THINK you're eating enough. Start a food log, add shakes as needed to get in more Kcals without bloating your stomach. Stick with basic compound lifts and do them with intensity.

I really recommend you skip the BB.com "kitchen sink" supps. Protein powder, creatine, multi-vit and fish oil are all you need. Save your cash for FOOD.

Get back to us with specific questions after you've done some studying here. You'll be pinning your opponents to the mat with ease once you get your diet and training in order.


Well I don't really have any idea what a good diet is. I have been going to the gym and lifting hard for over a year and although I haven't gained a single pound, I have definatly gained muscle because it's showing with the weights.

I just have a lot of money now because I just got a job and my birthday was 3 days ago so I feel like I should take something other than just a multivitamin.


There are no magic pills, if there were I would be happy to sell you some for most of the money that is burning a hole in your pocket.

You say you have no idea what a good diet is. Maybe that explains why you haven't gained a single pound in over a YEAR!!!!

Spend some of the money on real food, not pills. Pills are not going to help you, especially if you have no idea what a good diet is. Pills SUPPLEMENT your diet. That's why they are called supplements. The best thing you can do to gain weight is to eat big.

Why don't you post what it is that you ARE eating at this time. Just an average day of eating.


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