Does This PCT with HCG Look OK?

So i a doing a 9 week cycle of sust250.
Weeks 1-4: 500mg a week
Weeks 5-9: 750mg a week

PCT: 14 days after last shot. Nolva @ 40 a day for the firts week, then 20mg a day for the next 3 weeks.

HCG: Start it the day after my last shot of sust250, at a dosage of 150iu a day, and continue it for 4 weeks.

Terrible, whatever you read to get you to propose this cycle was incorrect. Also re consider your progression on the sust. hcg is best used on cycle and then stopped before PCT. A few people use it in mega doses once you stop the injections. I personally dont believe or use that protocol. But its a far cry from what you got here.

Try reading the stickies atop this forum. You are under-educated about a great many things. No shame though. At some point we all didnt know what we were doing. The stickies really will give you a decent base of knowledge to start with

First why sustanon? Second, start the first two injections with the higher doses and then cruise with the lower dosages, use the HCG during and the nolvadex after and DO SOME GODDAMN RESEARCH

How old are you? No Adex? Also how frequently are you injecting? Best to go EOD to get the benefit from the prop in there. And yeah I agree - front load. 9 weeks is a bit long. Why not go 6-8 and up the dose?