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Does This Look Like G-Flux To You?


1. Building MAX STRENGTH
2. Packing on lean mass.
3. Better ball player (skill)
4. Building Speed
5. Staying Lean

This is what I have been doing for the last 6 months.

-Weight training 4 times a week, 2 max effort, 1 repeated effort and 1 dynamic effort

-Basketball prac every night (skill work on low body lifting days, dunk work on upper body and off days- ye i dunk for money too.. lol)

-1 Plyometric session a week before upper body weights.

-2 basketball games (35min play time) a week

-Low intensity cardio every other morning

  • Stretching every night.

  • Yoga once a week

and lots of food, i'm talking about kilos of pasta, weight gainers, shitloads of chicken, rice, oats, all the time. no fats.

I'm not looking for dramatic size gains, slow lean gains are good for me.
what yall think of it?


looks pretty good to me.

I am G-fluxing it also;

weight training 5x/week;
3 days strength/hyper.
1 day max effort/power legs and 2x25 upper.
1 day speed/plio for vertical jump mostly

1 day/week badminton
and rope skipping every other or every 2 days.


Nutrition ?


Umm...why no fats? There is nothing wrong with "healthy fats" and some amount of saturated fats are needed.

Also, weight gainer seems to be against your goal of staying lean. It has alot of crap and sugar in it. Those are my only real big complaints.



Yep of course 6g of fish oils and regular fats.. I meant no candy and stuff like that...

You think the gainer will make me fat.. ? It says "low fat" so I dunno... it's Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice

Calories 1021
-Calories from Fat 153
Total Fat 17g 26%
-Saturated Fat 17g 85%
Cholesterol 77mg 26%
Sodium 108mg 5%
Potassium 365mg 10%
Total Carbs 162g 54%
-Dietary Fiber 0g
-Sugars 60g
Protein 55g 110%
Vitamin A 47IU 1%
Calcium 358mg 36%
Iron 1.5mg 8%



BTW I am supposed to gain lean mass with this right ? I will be bigger.. right ?


I'm also currently G-fluxing. I'm doing the Sheiko routine + Daily Sled Drag + Strongmen training on the weekends. I'm also considering doing CW's latest routine with added Oly lifts + Sled dragging + Tempo runs.

I will consume roughly 8000 calories through massive eating daily as I'm bulking.


I would tell you to go back and read all of Berardi's stuff. Then throw out that weight gainer.

I would follow Massive Eating and use Berardi's two week goal setting plan to judge whetherto up or lower your calories.


Holy crap, they call that low fat?
And 60g of sugar is a sure fire way to hold on to bodyfat.

If you're looking for a weight gainer Cytosport makes CytoGainer 75g carbs with almost no sugar and only a few grams of fat.


Fat doesnt make you fat. excess calories and lack of exercise makes you fat. That weight gainer has 60g of sugar in it. My opinion is that it's trash.


LOL @ "G-Fluxing". Athletes usually just call this training.


I had a G-flux last time I tried a protein shake with WPC in it :slight_smile:


Damn I didn't know that.
I'll trash that gainer right away.
you saved my life !


So wait...you mean you have to eat a lot and exercise a lot to get big and strong? That's crazy talk!!


lol heh...


What does everyone think of using this as a PWO shake? The sugar is maltodextrin. Isnt this comparable to Surge?


If you want to stay lean during you gains then thats one good proven way

you can also eat 5 burgers a day and cut in the summer and look like arnold

your choice :slight_smile:


People like you makes such misleading statements.

If you consume a lot of calories wisely (P+C, P+F or no carbs), you can put on a lot of muscle with almost no fat gain, and no need to cut or diet.


This in itself is a misleading statement. I don't think Berardi even touts the PC/PF stuff much anymore. Bodybuilders and atheletes werre getting lean way before PC/PF was ever brought in. The right kinds of food mixed with sufficient calories as well as enough physical activity and you'll put on muscle with minimum fat gain. It has nothing to do with how many f'n carbs ya eat. How do you think people get lean while eating 250-400 carbs a day on Thibs Carb Cycling Codex.


Well is'nt that the pot calling the kettle black.