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Does This Look Like a Good Tool for Home Training?

Hey folks,

Gyms have been closed for a while in my area, dont have room for a squat rack etc, and getting bored of home workouts. Been looking at things I can buy to make it more interesting.

Came upon this (pre-launch) kickstarter a few days ago. Looks like a good tool for home training given the resistances stated but otherwise dont know much about it like what it costs since it hasn’t launched yet.

They have a video up on their website: www.exohinge.com


Looks stupid.


Q: Does This Look Like a Good Tool for Home Training?

A: No, it does not.

Limited ROM on most exercises; extremely limited exercise options (like, 1-2 exercise per body part, tops); if it’s hydraulic resistance where the concentric and eccentric are against load every rep, it’s basically limiting your tempo/power output and influencing your training volume/intensity, combine that with the low-grade occlusion training from the bands and you’re just further limited in how you can train. Also weird/convenient their IG and Facebook page were started just yesterday.

You’d be much, much better off getting a duffel bag and some bags of sand. I have zero doubt that’d end up less expensive and more beneficial than that gadget.

Anything that can be folded up and put away isn’t actually intended to be used. Like treadmills, only for the sock drawer.

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These are good points. I found the post on reddit. Looks like it uses springs to provide resistance.


Don’t get this.

Unless you’re involved with the development or advertisement of this product. Then get it.

Looks like something they would be selling in late night infomercials.

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Where have I seen a concept like this before…

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Just one day to go until this is live!!

Yea but look at those thighs - it must work!

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Looks like he’s not doing too bad. 18k raised in 3 days:

It is a bit gimmicky but I own inverted sit up boots lol.

From the kickstarter page (which is at 13K, not 18K) - if this is your idea of working out, grab it, and grab it quick. The consensus on here seems to be that it’s not a good tool for home training, but if you’re into it, just get it and report back with your gainz.

It’s18k Canadian. I’m in Canada. That might be 13K USD. The dude in that video has crutches so I’m not surprised he’s not lifting heavy.

That’s not a bad idea though. I’m going to back it and report back.

What does one get for that?

As things go, it could be amazing. There is no lack of people willing to buy “fitness” trinkets and token items in order to feel better about themselves for a little while.