Does This Look Familiar

Check out this post on another website…

It’s an exact copy of an article from a paper issue of T-Mag a few years ago.
Did you guys get a royalty?
“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

There are several sites around that make it a habit of stealing the best info available, that being T-Nation.

Sad truely. If they were to credit the source properly then maybe the lost souls on those site would knock out the middle man and come straight to the source.

It is in a forum, and the website doesn’t seem to be claiming ownership of the post whatsoever. It looks like some member over there cut and pasted it from elsewhere… it says “by the Editors” but doesn’t say editors of what.


In fact, here is what Nik, a site moderator replied…

[b]Solid one from the T-guys Eddie. I love that site. I must add, however, that a high-fiber cereal is not bad during the time your are highly insulin sensitive (especially after working out and first thing in the morning). So if you decide to go for things like cereal, milk, bananas, honey, and other foods that induce a higher insulin response, consume them after working out and/or first thing in the morning (that doesn’t mean eat cookies though!). No junk food.

Berardi is the king of nutrition man. He and Dr. Lonnie Lowery are two amazing guys that we can all learn a thing or two from.[/b]

credit where credit is due, I suppose…