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Does This Guy Have a Point on IF for Bulking?


The thing to consider with any fad diet, valid or not, is whether or not it’s actually even necessary.

Like, did regular eating and lifting somehow fail, or is this just doing something to be doing because everybody thinks it is cool right now?


Good thought process to apply to any diet. For IF specifically, it could be argued that in the big picture eating three squares would be more of a fad (when compared to the dietary timing of most of our history that is)


IF is cool but I doubt it’s any better for “lean bulking” in the grand scheme of things.

I get that there’s a period of calorie restriction but if you’re eating a proper bulking diet I really doubt you’re staying all that much leaner by eating your daily food in 8 hours as opposed to 12.


Funny thing of note as well, because of the time restriction the foods im eating are often from “dirtier” sources


I quite like the idea of a once weekly 24hr fast. John Meadows has done like 400 seminars on the benefits of it and I’m pretty sold.


Man I liked those quite a bit. Overall it’s just less to mess with than the everyday thing. Plus I tended to Be super productive since my whole day wasn’t based around finding something to eat


I could never run on 3 squares. The activity and energy requirements of my life in general have never been conducive to that schedule. I’m more of a 3 moderate meals, substantial snacks in between, total 6 or 7 times a day.

I’ve done entire days on empty but those are by accident/hell, and big meals make me sluggish and lethargic.

It’s definitely a different strokes/what works best for the individual thing.


I searched “Intermittent Fasting” on T-Nation today. It turns out that it sucks. CT wrote an article last year that pointed out that “fasting” is running on empty. If you’re doing the 16/8 thing then you actually need to stop eating by 5 or 6 pm (if you’re fasting from 8pm-12pm).

Eating at 8pm means you’ll be digesting food til 10 or 11 so you’re only fasting for 13 or 14 hours which defeats the purpose of IF. I think the only reason to do IF is for the health benefits so if you don’t have any problems then you can pass on this one.

As CT stated, most people who think they’re doing IF are actually just skipping breakfast.


Yeah this is something I’d end up doing just out of laziness.