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Does This Go Far Enough?


Revoke Citizenship, Then Gitmoize: The Latest Chapter In The Assault on American Civil Liberties

As if last monthâ??s National Defense Authorization Act that explicitly gave the president authority to indefinitely Gitmoize â??enemy combatantsâ?? was not bad enough, there is more legislative mischief brewing on Capitol Hill. The NDAA, as Gene Healy and Jacob Sullum pointed out, left it up to the courts to decide whether American citizens would actually fall under its purview.

But a new billâ??sponsored by Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Rep. Charles Dent (R-PA)â?? called the Enemy Expatriation Act might render that issue moot. There are rumblings on the blogosphere that as the bill currently stands, the government might be able to strip Americans of their citizenship if the State Department certifies that they are either engaged in or support hostilities against the United States. There would be no need to take them before a court of law, present evidence and get a conviction.

And once someone loses their citizenship, they would become fair game for indefinite detention. Pretty ingenious for government work!

Dent, who has been pushing similar legislation since last summer, argues that all he wants to do is update current law to make it appropriate for the war on terror. American citizens who join a foreign army automatically relinquish their citizenship, he notes. He wants the same thing to happen to anyone who joins or supports terrorist groups. All the bill would do is add â??engaging in or supporting hostilities against the United Statesâ?? to the list of acts for which United States nationals would lose their nationality.

The big difference of course is that everyone knows what the definition of army is. But only the executive branch knows what a terrorist group is and what counts as â??hostilities." And it could include anyone and anything in that: Timothy McVeigh. Branch Davidians. Freeman Militia. Occupy Wall Streeters. Tea Partiers. H&R commenters.

Or is it still not hot enough yet?

Contrary to popular opinion frogs do not stay in a pot if it is slowly getting hotter.

Only brain damaged frogs do that.


I still do not think people really understand the full implications of the NDAA yet.

Maybe they will be able to contemplate it more fully from the peace and quiet of being indefinitely detained.


This is Congressman Dent, the little slime ball that is introducing that bill.


Being an American in neither a right nor a responsibility.

It is a consequence of being born in some arbitrary location on planet earth.


The only thing that's good about the Act is that this piece of filth has a chance of being persecuted by it himself, one day.
After all, the final powergrab can come from either side.
And history shows us what happens to a fair share of the other faction(s).

You cannot trust politicians, what's not to understand here?
Oh right, the first, cardinal rule - 'Me Want Power'.


Your grandfather was probably a Nazi, so what do you know?

Oh, right....




Oh, you'd be amazed.
My family enjoys having a pristine slate, genealogically speaking.
(Well, apart from some gallons of blood spatter which are our own- good ol' times!)

Which somehow is a shame, too, since I really would have enjoyed showing the concepts of inherited sin the finger.



Well I am sure some of your ancestors did kill someone for questionable reasons, so there!

Yup, that pretty much is my whole argument.

Bow to the strength of my reasoning abilities!


I hope so- can't have pussy genes in a godless world!

In one part of my paternal line, there is a hint of central-asian raider genes.

So, at the very least, some vicious mongol who mercilessly pillaged and raped?


This is unconcionable to pass into law. I can't stand these people!


So, if any of you still live in the U.S., now is a great fucking time to leave.


Well, that is a beginning, but at the very least you could impregnate a female serial killer.

I know, they are hard to find, but in the world to come your offspring better be 3/4 Klingon.


It could never happen here, oh no sir!


"One Country! One Language! One Flag!"


Ignorance perpetuated by television. No surprise there, it was a comedy show. However it is sad they even could find people to make those statements.



Heâ??s free and heâ??s home in the bosom of his family and his country.

Celebrate, Israel, with all the joyous gratitude that fills your hearts, as we all do along with you.

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Wait, I think this was fiction.....

Was it?


No fair! What do you expect to find hanging out at a Wal-Mart somewhere in the south?

Though I could imagine idiots in NYC, LA, or Chicago saying the same thing.