Does this Free T Normal Range Make Any Sense?

I read consistently that normal free T level is 50-250 pg/mL

When I recieved my test and found out that my levels are 30pg/mL , I was like wow I have very low free T but according to the lab I am normal and the normal free T is 15-50pg/mL !

I called the lab and they said I am completely normal and their normal range value is more accurate !

What do you think?

Labs use differing ranges dependent on testing methodology.

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You haven’t given us much information, age, symptoms and time of day blood was drawn.

I really can’t understand this concept. If someone is saying that a box of apples weighs 2 lbs while another one says it weighs 5lbs, then one of them has measured the box incorrectly?

Can’t see progress in the gym and general weakness, sever brain fog,insomnia.

It is about a range, not the singular number. The range is adjusted based on the testing method utilized. Mid range with one method is the same (normal) as mid range with another method, even though the numbers are different.

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So do you think my free T is fine based on this lab value?

Yes, your free testosterone is fine. I just got off the phone with a guy whose free testosterone was also fine. He is 59, total testosterone 902 (250-1100), free testosterone 79 (35-155), estradiol 37 (<39) and SHBG 77 (22-77), so everything is “fine”. However, he was miserable, tired, losing strength in the gym, having concentration issues and poor libido. At 59, he thought his life was going downhill from here.

Gave him testosterone eight weeks ago, his total testosterone is now 1291 (250-1100), free testosterone is 188 (35-155), estradiol is 31 (<39) and SHBG is 54 (22-77). According to the lab ranges, those levels are not fine. Regardless, now he is extremely happy. His lifts are up, he’s gained some muscle, is not tired any longer, more focused and having sex at a frequency he likes.

The point is, it is not about the numbers.

You’ve described some symptoms that may be helped by increasing testosterone levels. I can’t say what you should do. You need to see a doctor (preferably one whose practice is TRT only) and get a complete workup, history, blood tests and physical. Then, you can consider any options available to you. Good luck moving forward.


Thanks for your reply. I understand your point, however I am really worried about hairloss. My hair was thinning but luckily I caught it up early and slowed it down with finasteride. This is why I was thinking that if I don’t have clinical hypogonadism, I may try to modify my lifestyle & diet and try to boost my natural T (although I am aware that this rarely works)

@dbossa Once said to me 20 pg-ml is a very good number for Free T. However seeing the upper limit is 50, and my reference range on my lab chart was also like that, im now kinda confused.

Is 20 pg.mL still a good number for Free T? Im 22 though… It sounds less for a 22 year old guy. It was always stood at 20. Between 19 and 22. Even though my TT changed.

30 seems good for you Sobet. You can check out average ranges by age from studies.

The numbers aren’t very useful by itself, it’s more than just the numbers. It’s almost impossible by just looking at the numbers to determine if it’s normal for that person as there are men walking around with testosterone well above the reference ranges naturally.

We have members with a Total T at 800 and they have all the classic symptoms of low-T, then go on TRT and are now are at 1200 and symptoms are gone.

Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, an expert in testosterone has gone as far to say these reference ranges are practically useless for determining normal status because of the varying levels of hormone sensitivity.

@highpull’s office…

But seriously, it’s great there’s a resource for guys suffering at those higher SHBG even if their Total T is quite in range. Hope his Hct behaves and that he continues to enjoy good health.

Sorry, I’m not getting this one at all. But, I don’t know whatever language those guys are speaking. It does look like a few of them could use TRT, but I think I would tell them to switch from cocaine powder to protein powder before jumping on testosterone.