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Does this Fit into the tdawg 2.0 diet?

Subway atkins wraps. Love em. I can wait till my cheat day, but they seem to almost work for the t dawg 2.0 diet, especially on training days when carb intake rises to 100. I can go without, but on tdawg for a month now and Im alittle sick of tuna, 1tbsp of lt. mayo and a half a cup of cottage cheese EVERYDAY!!

Subway’s meat is crap and the wraps are a soy based product, but other than that they should work fine for tdawg.

damn, not very reasurring. Save it for cheat days then. Tdawg has been awesome. in a month my lbs. have plummeted, but Ive been REAL strict.

Hey, there, P!!!

You need to be getting your carbs from green veggie sources. Green veggies are more thermogenic. The fiber in the green veggie carbs is helpful, too, on a low(er) carb diet. I won’t even mention the health benefits because I know you’re going crazy wanting some flavor and taste.

One last thing before a couple of suggestions. On training days, you need to be taking 50g of the 100g of carbs allocated for Surge. Optimizing PWO nutrition when you’re on a low-carb diet is critical to preserving LBM and helping with recovery.

Suggestions are that you draw from different food sources. Ditch the tuna if you’re tired of it. I’d recommend that you eat omelettes with onions, peppers and mushrooms. You can make lean ground beef patties and add 1T of mayon mixed with salsa. Make liberal use of Walden Farms dressing and BBQ sauce and shrimp cocktail sauce. 0 calories, 0 fat, 0 carbs, 0 protein, *fabulous, out-of-this-world taste!

I rotate between shrimp, scallops, salmon (fresh), chicken breasts, lean ground beef, little tenderloin steaks, omelettes, protein shakes.

There are so many ways you can add flavor to what you’re eating. I like to grill onions with my lean ground beef on my George Foreman grill.

You don’t have to be flavor/taste deprived on T-Dawg. Expand your horizons. Experiment. Buy a book with low-carb recipes.

Good luck to you!!!

Tampa T,

as usual, thanks for the awesome advice. Ive been real strict for a month now, my body weight has actually droped from 256 to 240!!! And Im stronger now then I was a month ago. I couldnt be happier. The only variation I made to twag 2 is I take advantage of the cheat day, as opposed to the cheat meal. I guess that’s from the original tdwag. Has not been a problem thus far,and my appitite has deminished to the point where my cheat day dosnt amount to much more then a meal anyway. But I have enjoyed plopping down in front of the TV and eating some chips on saturday afternoon!

Question: My job involves me entertaining for lunches and dinners. Thus far I have just been hammering a lowcarb grow before. Ordering, and moving my food around, then having a “clean meal” on my own. Is there any safe foods to order from a resteraunt?
Thanks in advance.

That’s a rough one, Parrot, so I’m all the more impressed with your results and your discipline.

My little trick was to always call ahead and find out what might be on the menu that fits into my diet. I’d ask how meat was prepared and portion sizes. I’d ask how the veggies were prepared. Restaurants typically honor special requests when it comes to food preparation. If you discuss it with the manager, you could always type something up and slip it to your waitress unobtrusively.

Other than that, just eyeball it and keep on trucking. Eat meat and veggies. And if the meat serving size is large, cut it in half, and take the rest home with you in a doggie bag.

It doesn’t matter if you hit your numbers exactly. Follow them to the best of your ability. You’re obviously doing enough right in all your other meals to be making fabulous progress.

TT Wrote [quote] I rotate between shrimp, scallops, salmon (fresh), chicken breasts, lean ground beef, little tenderloin steaks, omelettes, protein shakes. [/quote]

This is great advice. Mix it up for both variety in taste and source’s of your nutrients.

Toy around with spicing things up in different ways.

If you are coming to T-dawg from a typical crappy diet then at first it will be a little tough. In time it will get better and you will become accustomed to, and actually enjoy different veggie and protein combos. Like anything else just experiment and try new things to keep it fresh.

Great progress, keep it up.


Ive been on a tdawg2 like diet for the last couple of months. I was doing great the first month, but then I started incorporating Subway wraps into my diet and all hell has broken loose. Its like when I let a little crack form in the diet, a tsunami came through and brought cheeseburgers, pizza, ice cream and everything else but the kitchen sink. Im going back to a strict tdawg2 TODAY! Ive vowed no more Subway wraps until im in more of a maintainance phase. Good luck…

AllBizNiz, yup, it works that way sometimes.

My approach/mindset is to eat to hit my numbers. I eat for taste and pleasure on my cheat meals or carb-up days.

The green veggies that are T-Dawg’s mainstay are there for a reason. They’re high in fiber, and they fill you up. Not to mention the fact that they’re highly thermogenic and stabilize blood sugar levels. Do you know how much broccoli you have to eat to get 50 net grams of carbs? 4 darn POUNDS!!!

I’d be really impressed if you were still hungry after that. (grin)

Subway’s wraps are one of the better fast-food choices when traveling or otherwise desperate, but not good enough to eat regularly.

The good:

40 g protein in the form of real chicken rather than processed deli meat

only 19 g carbs including 11 g of fiber in the wrap

The bad:

27 g of fat, 9 g saturated. The saturated doesn’t bother me. But since fast food places use poor-quality fats in general, you’re likely getting a lot of trans fats and omega-6 polys. Not good.

Not enough veggies, as TT pointed out. People are not going to achieve great health thinking that a tablespoon of shredded iceberg equals one serving of vegetables, as Subway would like you to believe.