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Does This Demotivate Anyone Else?


Basically there's someone i talk to at the gym. Hes been training for just over a year now. At around the 5th month he started taking steroids. He spent the next 6 months on steroids, had a month off and now hes back on them. In such a short time hes had phenomenal gains, with such poor poor training. He has terrible form, to the point that he has "invented" a few exercises.

It just kind of gets me down watching him do so incredibly well, regardless of the potential damage a 6 month cycle has probably done to his body. Just wondered if anyone else has encountered this and feels the same way?


I have encountered this many times, however there is no reason to get down on yourself. Yes you may be jealous at the size he has acquired in such little time but its not natural. Just keep to your program,eat well and remember he will probably develop small balls, a little girls voice, acne and possibly even gyno lol


Dude...just worry about yourself and your progress.


Ah hell, if I hadn't read your post I'd be fine. But now.... just fuck it.


A little girls voice? Really?


SAME shit happened to me. I leave for Kuwait (military) for 6 months. IM gone, training hard, didnt really gain size but got pretty ripped so I come home feeling great and while I was gone my buddy Ryan got on the juice and when I came back he had gained like 30 friggin pounds of what appeared to be raw muscle, he was now out lifting me in all lifts..............anyway, story ends well.............he quit the juice and slacked onhis training and now he's fat and dumpy looking and Im much stronger/fitter than he is.


basically I consider juice everyones personal choice. I don't judge guys for doing it but I know thats its just temporary and that the proof is in the pudding. When Im 55 and still lifting strong and looking built then Ill have the glory.


Yes really. Not everyone who juices does it was sort of a joke but I do know a few guys who juice and have voices that sound like a little girl


...and you think testosterone caused their voices to get higher?


Some of you sound really jealous of other people...until they are doing worse than you so you can laugh at them.

That isn't usually the indicator of a "good person" whether you use steroids or not.

Why does what someone else does bother you so much?


Well I know that it makes your voice deeper but there voices also crack a lot and they end up sounding like a child


One of the interesting things was the fact that the didn't get acne at any stage until the month off when he went on testosterone boosters and his chest broke out horribly.

Its just that he knows nothing about either bodybuilding or the drugs hes taking. He started to take what he thought was PCT. He soon found himself shitting every half an hour. Turns out the PCT was actually fat burners and his response to this was to just go back on the juice and keep taking the fat burners.

I aren't knocking steroids in any way, they undoubtedly have a place in bodybuilding and power lifting, but fuckkkkkk ...

Cheers for the advice anyway lads, hopefully he shows up sounding like Cinderella and ill feel much better


U have to stay focus on why you work out. Me personally i want to be a monster and stretch the limits humans can reach naturally thats why i wanna compete raw. I have only been training for a year and my lifts are still at a beginner level 300,405,315@215 6-1. But i always think of it this way, i have a lifetime to train im only twenty and i dnt plan on stopping till the day i die. So i just make small gaols for myself and when i attain them set more and then when you look back on it the progress starts to add up. I dont have much experience but this is the mindet i have had over the past year and it really has kept me grounded and making gains.


If they they had high voices, then it had nothing to do with steroids.


It was meant to be a joke dude


Don't mess with my emotions like that, ok?


All motivation and demotivation comes from within.

So you can use his steroid use to motivate or demotivate. It's up to you how you see/use it.


Good luck.


OP wah wah wah wah wah wah wah STFU.


Wouldn't it be sooper cool if you, using hard work, good exercise technique and selection, and proper nutrition alone, could surpass him?
That'd be cool to work towards..

You get what I'm spittin?


Thank you Dali-VaginaSquirrel :slight_smile: