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Does This Cycle + PCT Sound Good?


Hello guys! I have just registered after lurking for a couple years. I have been training for 3 years now, and have grown to an alright size imo. I am 220 lbs and 6"2 and my strength is alright. I do ie. incline bench 220x5 and bb row 320x5. I think I am ready for my 1st cycle. I hope to gain and keep 20-30 lbs... :slightly_smiling:

Week 1-10; 500mg test-E EW
Week 13-15; 4000ui HCG E15D

and then, if I begin to feel something around the nipples midcycle, then take Nolvadex pills.
10mg EOD.

Does this cycle look good for a beginner cycle? Anything that should be changed (I am thinking mostly about the PCT, is 4000ui E15D starting week 13 okay?)

I also have some questions about HCG, I couldnt find some proper answers to. I know it should be held cool, like in a refrigiator
When you buy it, should you hurry and place it in your fridge ASAP or do you only need to place it in the fridge a week or so before use (after you have mixed it, I pressumme)?
Thanks, you guys!


You need to read more about PCT.

10mg of Tamoxifen EOD is also the wrong way to handle rising estrogen levels.

Read the SERM/AI sticky


Ahh yes thank you! I had no idea what SERM and AI meant, so I never looked at that thread. :slight_smile:
It seems it is best to take Nolva at 20-40g ED. I have read many places both to take Nolva week 3-10 just to be on the safe side, but I have also read many places to take Nolva only if you begin to feel sore nipples etc. Which one would you recommend?
I dont think I would need an AI, when I am only doing one beginnercycle of 500mg Test. But maybe I should have one to use together with Nolva, -if I begin to feel a coming gyno while on?


There is no way you read that thread in the amount of time since I suggested to. Please read the info and grasp the important points so you don't have to ask questions that should be responded to with flames.


No reason to get offensive, man. It doesnt exactly take over 5 minutes to read it properly :slightly_smiling: But I have read it again, and I think the same thing stands true - 20-40mg Nolva ED (probably will do 20) if I begin to feel symptons, and I do not think AI is neccessery when it is only a 500mg beginner cycle. Is it right, or should I do it otherwise? :slightly_smiling: Thanks!


What I wrote offended you? Come on.

If you plan to use Nolvadex why do you think an AI isn't necessary? NO OFFENSE


No - you are clearly scanning it mate. Please realise it is us that wrote the thing!

500mg of T does require estrogen control and a SERM is not that (it merely prevents estrogen from binding to the receptor at the breast).

You say a 'basic beginner cycle' as though it is a totally natural state for the body to be in, but it most certainly is not. Consider that when a mans T level is at its highest it is equivalent to around 100mg of test Enanthate.. and you can see why you need drugs to control estrogen (and one more time as you seem to have struggled to absorb the info - Tamoxifen does not control estrogen levels at all).

Bonez did as we all try to do - point you in the direction where ALL the info you needed to get a cycle planned correctly is.. but you have not been able to apply that information to your circumstances.

It is generally suggested on this forum that one should be able to do their own research as being told what to do will only lead to problems later on as things go wrong - and the ALWAYS do to some extent.

Here are the aspects of your cycle you need to review:

Test'rone dosing frequency.
HCG dose, frequency of dosing and its placement within the cycle.
Your Oestrogen control and making assumptions when you have no personal experience and have read very little.
Your PCT (related to the HCG and the Tamox as a tip)

You are asking the wrong questions too - you are asking non-important, finishing touch questions when you have not even got the basics down.

Read the cycle design and the SERM/AI stickies in full and apply what you learn to the cycle you have planned.

It is OK as a basic cycle but is designed like a cycle would be designed 15 years ago, and drugs and knowledge has advanced significantly in that time.


Use an AI... Aromatase inhibitor. These attach to aromatase, rendering them useless, so they won't turn your T into E.