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Does this Cycle Look Good?


If anyone has a few minutes I would really appreciate whatever advice I can get here. Some of these are really newbie questions but it seems the advice changes quite a bit depending on where I am looking for answers.

The only history I have with gear is a cycle of shitty designer steroids (epistane) before for like 4 weeks + 4 weeks nolvadex PCT, some minor gains...

With 2000mg test cyp and 6000mg test E, I was thinking of running 650/week for 12 weeks. I could also run 800 for 10 weeks. Is this a bad idea? I think a 12 week cycle is kind of long?

Will I have trouble measuring 325mg/shot out?

Are there any considerations given that test cypionate and test enanthate are slightly different? For example, should I run the cyp before the enanthate?

I am planning on running Nolvadex for four weeks 40/40/20/20, is this a good protocol? And if it is, how long after the cycle should this begin?

I plan to inject twice a week, is this OK?

Thanks guys.


I have an idea....

How about you list some of the more important individual things like your age, height, weight, training experience and goals before just seeking advice on what appears to be a 'pray and spray' cycle plan...


22yrs old
500 deadlift, 315 bench, 450 squat

I'm training for powerlifting.


Why not just shoot 200mg every other day. That works out to about 700mg/week. Run that till it runs out, wait a week or so(there are plenty of places online to look up the exact time), and start the Nolvadex at 40mg/day. Use it until you are recovered, don't set arbitrary time and dose schedules set in stone.

You should look into HCG also and probably use arimidex on cycle. Mixing and matching the esthers doesn't matter. Use one, then the other.


Okay, so how does this look:

Test 200MG EOD until finished (should be a little over 11 weeks)
hCG 250MG 2x/week starting 3rd week, ending on last week of test
adex 0.25 EOD, 0.125 last week of injection, ending at last injection
2 weeks after last injection Nolvadex 40/40/20/20... etc until feeling recovered


Anyone else?


Would be really great to get some more advice. I'd really appreciate it.


Im not sure what other advice youre looking for?



I am just wanting to know if I am missing anything. One thing I am confused about is HCG apparently is only good for something like 30 days. So would I need to buy 2 seperate 2500 vials of the powder, rather than 5000, if I am planning on 250 2/wk, so that it doesn't expire?

Getting hCG seems to be even more of a pain in the ass than getting AAS (lots of shady sources with faked reviews, etc...). How necessary is it if I am running 700mg/wk?

Should Adex be run regardless if I am showing no signs of gyno? I think I heard it can negatively affect gains by reducing estrogen too much.

Thanks for replying.


I dont personally run Adex every cycle. I keep it on hand in case of any flare ups. So to answer your question, no.. you dont HAVE to run adex. its imperative to keep it on hand just in case though. You dont want a gyno flare up and be waiting on a product to be shipped to you.

hCG can help with your recovery after the cycle, but if you dont think youll be getting legit product, then a successful cycle can be ran without it.



I wouldn't recommend more than 500mg test a week for your first cycle, more isn't always better.

Take your first few cycles to learn your body, its easier to start low and go up then start high and risk more side effects.


Here is my situation... I have read in a couple places that the UGL brand I am getting is underdosed. Other people say it's completely G2G and works very well, but you know how the internet is, 80% of what you read about sources is either from the source, people hanging off the source's nuts for kickbacks, or their competition.

Since I am pretty sure the last thing it would be is overdosed, I am actually considering running 800mg for 10 weeks. If it's underdosed and it's only like 600 I would be fine... If it's correctly dosed it might cause bad sides. How reckless is 800mg for 10 in a first cycle? In terms of sides is this better or worse than 700mg for 11 weeks? Anyone got any thoughts on this situation?


The difference between 700 and 800 will be minimal. Ive seen much more complicated cycles as first runs with AAS. At least he is keeping it to one compound.



So 800 for 10 weeks should be safe.. Considering thats its prob underdosed to some degree?