Does this count as HIIT?

I just went running for a total of 17 minutes, NOT INTERVAL TRAINING. However, my heart rate (at 17yrs old) was at about 185 the whole time. Needless to say, I was hauling ass.

I know during HIIT you get your HR up really high… in interval fashion. But will going very very hard for a medium-length period of time (like what I did) be a viable substitute to interval sprinting? If not, why not? My HR got up to a peak of 197 (theoretically, at 17yrs old, my max should be around 203). Does this type of running have the same metabolic effect as interval training? If not, I’ll just do sprints, but I like this a lot more.


Max HR formulae are theoretical. mine is way over 220 and im 23.
it is not goning to have the same metabolic advantages (tapping into different energy system at differing intensity) but it is not nessecairly any worse either. in fact if you like it more i would stick with it.
remmeber to go for performance improvements, dont train to HR guideline, that just for geriatrics and housewives

Lol thanks Whetu, I just like to gauge my intensity by my HR.

So doing this will still produce a good metabolic after-effect of fat burning b/c I use a very high % of my HR (like HIIT)?

hell yeah!
i used to train like that back in my running days (3000m -5km) but added 4 sprints at the end of the run. you’ll be fried after and the fat comes off sooo quick

I guess I’ll keep doing it, then. It takes me like under 20mins to run a 3miles, anyways. Skinny bastard.