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Does this cause cancer?

Too much Vitamin A, D, E?
I got some new Multi vitamin supplement to try out and someone told me too much of those can cause cancer and be deadly.
Should I belive this?



I meant A, C, E

But I guess to much of anything is a bad thing :slight_smile:

We touched on this briefly in an upper division supplementation class I took a couple of semesters back. If I remeber correctly, they did a study in an aesbestos mine where they gave some of the workers large doses of antioxidants. They eneded up having to stop the study after about two years, as those who were receiving the high doses of antioxidants were dying from cancer at a much higher rate than those who were not receiving antioxidants. I believe the reasoning was that oxidants also play a protective role in the body by destroying defective or mutated cells which can lead to the development of cancer. The high levels of antioxidants neutralized the majority of oxidants in the body, and preventled them from performing their protective role. A second study was presented that backed up the research.

But . . . like I said, this is strictly off the top of my head. There is also probably plenty of reasearch out there that would prove otherwise. These were simply a couple of studies that the prof. briefly mentioned when were were discussing supplementing with antioxidants.

Everything causes Cancer. If you crawl under your bed and hide from the world, you could still get cancer.

Just don’t go too extreme. Read the vitamins article that was in t-mag. That should answer your questions.
scroll down to the ‘nutrition’ part and you’ll find the link to it and antioxidant articles. I think there was another one written, try searching at t-mag to find it.

Vitamins A,D,E,K are not water soluable. Therefore, they can be toxic to the body if too much is taken. Other vitamins like C are excreted through the urine if too much is ingested.