Does This Care of Obama's 'Muslim Ties'?

So it appears that AQ are none too happy with his election.

They are really going to choke on the large one if this is the best media attack they can come up with.


Well, he appointed a Jew to run the White HOuse. Of course the Muslims are going to be pissed. Not only that, but the Jew he had appointed served in the IDF. If there’s one thing Muslims hate more than Jews, it’s Jews with their own nation.

Cute. Should I feel bad that I actually thought this was funny?

Al Qaeda has already declared Obama an apostate from Islam and said it is the duty of every muslim to kill him. I usually don’t like to say I told you so but in this case I told you so.

If Ahmadinejad meets with Obama he is going to open himself up to severe criticism for associating with an apostate.

All the idiot Democrats who thought that Obama was going to have better relations with Iran and he would keep us out of war are going to learn a very hard lesson.