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Does This Carb Plan Seem Reasonable?


Been doing a keto diet for roughly 11 weeks. went from:

242lbs, 36" waist, 19" arms, 28" thighs and 49" chest


219 lbs, 33.5" waist, 18.5" arms, 26.75" thighs and 47" chest.

have been doing a once weekly refeed at roughly 500g carbs.
daily caloric on other days is @2400, with 300g protein, 30-50g carbs and the rest fat.

thinking of moving to a more set schedule of:

monday: 0-25g carbs
tuesday: 0-25g carbs
wed: 25-50g carbs
thursday: 25-50g carbs
friday: 150g carbs
sat: 300g carbs
sunday: 150g carbs

this is kind of arbitrary, but does it sound reasonable/potentially beneficial?


If your calories are in check, it should be fine. Why the need to change things up though? Did your fatloss stall or are you just bored of your diet selection and would like to add some carbs?


In my very humble opinion, there is no need to go below 50g carbs at any point, nor is there a reason to have 3 refeed days. Hell, you could probably do well with 1 refeed day or 1 refeed day every other week. Read:



just getting bored and can't eat enough carbs at this point for a proper once a week refeed. training heavy is getting hard. been doing 5 x 5 for the duration and after holding onto my strength for a long time, am seeing a bit of a drop.

for example, at the onset, was benching 465, now 425. everything has dropped a bit in terms of strength.

edit: forgot to add, the carbs are an issue because i am gluten intolerant


so you are running out of carb sources because you are a celiac?


lots of fruit, lots of vegetables, some flax some oatmeal. pasta and potatoes and bread hammer my stomach though. i am sick within an hour of even a slice of bread.


i hear you, but ketosis for whatever reason is resuming faster when i go down to 25g/day.


If I were you I would add a refeed in the middle of the week maybe like a Wednesday. This way it will have a positive effect on your workouts granted you train on Thursday and Friday.

You will see minimal effects if you hit between 25-50g as opposed to the 0-25g other than remaining in Ketosis. Why don't you keep carbs under 25g all week but, Saturday and Wednesday when you refeed? Just a thought.


^sounds good, though wouldn't/couldn;t that limit my days in ketosis since it wouldn't start immediately after the refeed?


I think MUthrows94 meant "minimal differences between 25-50g as opposed to 0-25g, other than remaining in ketosis."

I believe that to be true, as well. AFAIK everything points to there being little to no difference between being in ketosis or not as long as carbs are very low (under 50g).

I have been on a minute amount of carbs for a month - at most, 2 small servings of fruit (not for the first 2 weeks), green vegetables, and residual carbs in other foods - and my "refeed" was just one weekly cheat meal. I am doing well. I seriously don't think you need those huge refeeds. Seems you're just indulging yourself on the weekend, instead of thinking objectively.


i hear you. i have been getting about 500g on saturdays and 50g or less the other days and my friday night and saturday morning sessions in the gym seem to be my best.


Look into some of Lyle McDonald's stuff. I often use his ideas when setting up my diets. He has a few very good books out. I just finished reading his "Flexible Diet" book and has lots of info that you may be interested in.

Basically, calorie cycling/refeeding ect. Stuff like that.


yeah, i've read his stuff, but the refeed numbers he suggest seem off the charts and unneccesary IMO.


I would intial agree with you there. I've done his UD 2.0 diet before and felt that it was too drastic during the week and then followed by an unneccesary ginormous carb up. However, I feel his work in the "flexible diet" book is less severe, especially if you keep it to the lower end.

It all depends on how fat u are currently. I've been incorporating refeeds every 5-7days of about 800-1,000 carbs. My weight drops to my pre-refeed weight within 2 days usually which lets me know I can get away with more next time.

My training is high in volume (to try to deplete glycogen through out the week) and my weight has been steadily dropping. I do admit that I tend to lose fat easily though. Just suggesting an alternative.


Yes you are correct but, either way you will be out of Ketosis for a day or so, I guess its a matter of how hard you really want to be able to train while in this deficit.

If your training is suffering and your lifts are dropping I would suggest two refeeds, it can't hurt and if it doesn't workout for you, you can always drop it and try what you originally proposed. I just know from my experience that my workouts were significantly better after refeeds.

Yea i agree with this I do not think refeeds are that necessary at all at least from my experience. When i originally did Keto I did 0 for a long time (other than a maintenance week to take a break from the dieting).

However, when I did finally stall which it took a long time, I added once a week refeeds and I could squeeze out a couple pounds so it can be effective towards the end of a diet IMO...


thanks fellas. i went for weeks without much of a mental or physical change, but recently, I notice that by the time the refeed comes, i pretty badly need it.

in reality, though i like the way my midsection looks, it is hard to get used to being "small". i was at 280 3 years ago before consciously tapering down to 250 and now, at 220. i look inarguably better in all my friends and family's opinions, but it was pretty funny when my 9 year old son;s friend said "your dad is big"

my son replied, "he used to be"

anyway, sorry to derail but i think the mid-week and saturday mini-refeeds comprised mostly of quality carbs is what i'll do.


Keep us posted. I'm always interested to hear what certain people are doing diet-wise. What works, what doesn't ect.