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Does This Back Workout Cover Everything?


Is this a good routine to cover the whole back. Ive basically always done these exercises, just swapped order and grip. Currently though I am doing:

Lat Pulls: 8,8,8,6
Pullups Machine: 10,8,6
Reverse BB Row: 8,8,3,6
HS T-Bar (II Grip): 8,8,6
Deadlift: 6,6,3,3
Rear Fly Machine: 12,8,8


Was thinking of maybe replacing the t-bar with a cable seated row or maybe a machine row. Then my lower back wouldnt sometimes be worn out by the time I hit deads. Although I get a nice contraction from t-bars, and wouldnt wanna remove barbell rows as there the bread and butter of a good back.


although deadlift does activate/stimulate the back, i dunno if i would call it a back exercise. I'd add in something like face-pull to activate the subscapularis, work on focusing in and really pulling your shoulder blades together. also maybe consider unilateral lift, like a one arm DB row. I also dont see the benefit of both lat pulls and pull ups.. i'd pick one and go hard at it


Looks like a solid back workout man, just eat enough to support it.


I'd be inclined to ask how advanced you are strength-wise to be using all those exercises/sets?

For example, if a person were to struggle lifting their own weight in many exercises, I'd say concentrate on a little more abbreviated routine first (e.g. more frequency, lessor volume).


haha, sorry K-Man, didn't mean to copy your avatar pose :slightly_smiling:


I see you finally changed. You look a great deal larger.


BB Rows, T bar rows AND deadlifts all in the same workout? You must really hate your lower back.


Umm Im about 210lbs 5`10, 12-14%BF, I bb rowed, 250lbsx6 yesterday strict form none of that jerking crap. And t bar about 4 plates. Although it is getting really hard to break 4 plate t bars and bb rows over 240lbs start to feel really heavy.

My arms also are lagging behind my physique. I was thinking of throwing in weighted close grip underhand chins on back day to hit the biceps hard. Would this still be a good idea for hitting my back hard as well as biceps. If so what should I remove for it.


Haha yea thats what im thinking. Ive been doing bb rows and tbars for over a year with great progress just added deadlifts in as well about 4 months ago. I usually feel like passing out after a back workout, and the fact I can barely stand up straight. Wanted it to feel intense.

Although yesterday for the first time I switched t bars from doing the wider grip to the parallel narrow grip (II), and my lower back was so fried I had couldnt hit my max on deads.

Judging from your avi, you look like you have a good wide back. What routine would you reccommend me.


I always like to have a pull up, pulldown, close grip row for lats and 2 upper back exercises for complete back development. I do deadlifts and rdl's on alternating leg days.

This is what a back workout looks like for me if I'm training back once a week

Barbell Rows
HS High Rows
Seated elbows down close neutral grip rows
Stretchers (very light just focusing on the stretch)
Lateral Raises (bringing up delts)


I do a once a week split. chest, back, shoulders&arms, legs,off,off. I was thinking of sticking deads with legs. Do you think squats then deads is too much or a good alternative to having them on back day.


Guess i can forgive you, what's your waist measuring?


Unless OP is planning on doing Deadlifts on a different day than the rest of his back, there is no way in hell i would be recommending he swap them out with rack pulls for overall back development. And yes, i would call heavy ass deadlifts a back exercise.


Do any of you guys do deadlifts on a back day AND a stiff leg/RDL movment on a leg day as well?


A simpler way to hit back without overworking the lower back is to alternate each back session's focus between width and thickness movements. Simply put, one workout you would do 3 movements emphasizing width, and 1 focusing on thickness. Next back workout, vice versa. That way you hit both aspects each session, but also get a chance to really focus on one each time. It also allows you to work back more often, say, every 4-5 days if you so choose.

And don't write off Barbell Rows with body english as useless, for some people (like me) they can do great things when integrated properly.


Thanks! Last pic was a bit old, fancied a change :slightly_smiling:


At my leanest I'm around 30" (been as low as 28"...at least before training). Got a tiny bone structure lol


I would strongy recommend adding some one arm barbell rows Mountain Dog style. you can alternate it with DB rows. a great movement for nice thick and beefy lats. shoots your DB row numbers through the roof.

also if you are doing deadlifts on your back day, I would start with those untill you hit (if you haven't ye) x2 BW atleast , wich is the first real milestone in deadlifting. save the most strength for the basic best bang for your buck shit. after that you can play around with deads if you prefer to go lighter do it at the end.


Haha damn, lucky. It's hard to get width on a 34 inch waist, just makes me work harder though.

Keep it up man.