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We’ve all probably heard of those wonderfull new machines that are shown on TV’shop and that kind of places. Machines that give out an electronic pulse of some sort making the muscles contract, thus enducing muscle growth and loss of body fat. Now my question is, does these machines actually work? I’m certain that they probably won’t give me the same gains as a doing multiple reps of squat, bicep curls and weighted abdominal crunches. What i was wondering was if they were actually effective in the lines of spot reducing and toning? Does anybody out there have some valid knowledge of these babies?

Actually, you don’t see these “ab belt” things much on TV now because they were sued and made to quit for false advertising. That should answer your question.

For the last time, visible abs come from diet and proper training, not ANYTHING you see on late night TV.

uhhhh? What do you think man? You dont get abs by laying on the couch having some fucking machine “shock” your abs. There is no way to build a good body by using any of these gimics that you see on TV. It’s hard work in the gym and proper nutrition/supplementation that will get you there.