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Does the Type of Shoes Matter? Can I Go Barefoot?

Alright, I read that for weight lifting one has to be a training shoe or weight lifting shoes.

I have seen the training shoes from high end and low end. They all are the same: low heel drop and little cushion compared to running shoes so I thought they must be waste of money unless someone do Cross Fit or anything like that.

I usually wear my running shoes since there are no lateral movements in my routine. In my first cycle of lifting, I had horrible foot spasms while I was only lifting - no cardio no other activities that could stress my foot (I don’t blame it on it it could be running shoes BUT I also paid money for all the foot massage SO I want to cut expenses overall)

I tend to stretch myself bare-food so I did my accessories lift today barefoot and it felt good going barefoot. My concern is that bare foot could stress my feet more, so I am rethinking it now.

I know I am female but I do not wear high heels, I only wear fit flops or sneakers or special made shoes for my profession. I sometimes wear a 2" heels or boots if I will only wear it for maximum 1 hour.

Another thing is the surface, which is only PVC and some carpet for extra cushion so my weight lifting space is prepared for barefoot.

Is it okay to lift heavy weight barefoot or must I buy a weight lifting or training shoes?

Note: I found a store that sell the Chuck Taylor Converse brand (I heard it is famous for lifting) for $36.
I could possible pay a pair since they look trendy and can use them as casual shoes too but TO invest in solely weight lifting shoes.
I cannot seem to locate a store with strong cushions and I am not sure if it is necessary since I have a normal foot structure.

Should I consider?

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Lifting weights with no shoes is fine. Running shoes is a bad idea.

In a running shoe The air and gel is good for reducing the impact shock from running. But not good for lifting. Running shoes limit your strength & prevent proper lifting technique, they are unstable, the Soles are squishy so this makes it harder to use proper technique and lift properly, they are dangerous especially with heavier weights, since the soles make it hard to balance and you will be less stable.
At this stage dont get worried too much about getting the best lifting shoes. I wear nike Sbs which are flat and have no compression so they are good for being stable and lifting weights.


Wow that makes a lot of sense, I was hindering my progress by wrong shoes. Thank you very much.

One more question, is high heels support a big no-no for lifting? I think I might just buy those Taylor Chunk, price is tempting and they are good for everything.

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Barefoot is good enough if you don’t have arches that collapse under the weight / conditions that get exacerbated with loading. Also most commercial gyms are going to be cunts about it.

May get flamed for this but I used to enjoy working out barefoot/ in flip flops, changing between DL and Squat shoes as required (Sabo Deadlifts and Nike Romaleos 2 respectively). These days tho no more barefoot/flip flops for me because staff are cracking down on it.

Legit weightlifting shoes with the raised non compressible heel are a bit much, running $100-250, if you don’t squat, powerlift or Olympic weightlift seriously.

If you are worried about foot health see a podiatrist. If you’ve tried barefoot or anything else and it feels good then consider it ok. If something makes your foot spasm probably avoid that.

Consider that stress is not necessarily something to be avoided completely. With a controlled stress/stimulus you get adaption/gains e.g. lifting gets you muscle gains. Too much and you can get injured or under recover.

If you are at all serious about lifting probably a good idea to invest in a pair of shoes or go barefoot. Running shoes are for running.

Chucks are flat, hard and low to the ground. If that sounds like what you are looking for then go for the classic lifting shoe.

Many shoes give a barefoot feel while looking sexy and complying with OH&S. try this thread for some other shoe options

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Thank you very much. I can go barefoot since I workout at home.

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If you mean high heels as in these, then no. Definitely not a good idea to lift in these.

download (2)

Nope I mean heels support around the ankle. I think some Chunck Taylors (series 2) are cushioned anyway something about barefoot working out resonate with me but I just wonder in case I needed a shoe.

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Was just making a joke but yeah shoes likes chucks are definitely worth investing in imo but no shoes is fine also.

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Thanks again. Appreciate it.

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