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Does the RDA Include Absorbtion/Bioavilability?

Because it seems to me that especially on a vegan diet or any diet which has a lot of grains and seeds, it’s easy to get a few times more than the RDA of manganese.

On the other hand, manganese abosrbtion is around 5% from food…and supplements seem to contain around 1000%/dose. This (5% absorbtion) would imply that one can safely consume 2000% the RDA of manganese without any side effects.
Does anyone know anything about this?
Thanks, Vlad

rda includes absorption

RDA is irrelevant if your training hard. I’m on a 4500 cal/day and I assure you, I’m far above the RDA

It does include absorption though

RDA includes absorption and bio availability(to a degree) for real food, not supplements. Take the serving recommendation on the bottle, don’t try and do the math because the system isn’t designed for it.

It is usually best to get your nutrients from food.