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Does the Brand of Cypionate Matter?

I went to pharmacy to get my refill. So they give me cipla testosterone. Cipla is in India and from my quick research just received FDA approval for Cypionate in 2018.

I have been taking the perrigo make. Both use cotton seed oil.

I had them order me the perrigo. I just don’t want to change it. Perrigo based in Ireland.

Does it matter?

I hate Indian product. I would never trust an Indian medicine. It’s hit or miss. Unless it is an American company that opened a lab there and creates the cyp.

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No it doesn’t matter, but if in US why not get from a compounding pharmacy? Then you know your stuff is fresh and you can get grapeseed as your carrier.

Thats why manufacturers don’t use grapeseed, because it can go bad after 6 months. When you use a compounding pharmacy, you know your stuff was just made.

I like German owned labs too. I don’t care where the lab is based, who runs it is what matters. Indians and Chinese tend to put profit above other considerations, so I shy away from their stuff.


I get empowers cyp in gso. Bottle says compounded 12/18 and discard 12/19. I have heard the 6 month thing before but right there they are giving it a year. If it had any chance of becoming rancid even close to that date then the expiration date would be much different. They arnt going to want a bottle going bad thats still in date and creating a bag of cash situation