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Does the Acne Go Away After a Cycle?

Hey Guy, currently struggling with acne on my PCT. I wanted to know if and when it will go away, I see a lot of guys struggling with it months after their cycle. Is this something to worry about? Will I need to push myself back to accutane?

Yes, it should go away after some time. I want to say 8-10 weeks after my PCT has ended, is when I am entirely done with acne. Your hormones are all sorts of out of whack right now.


Why do some guys struggle for months then? I’m scared that i’ve turned on something in my genes I can’t turn off.

Some people are more prone to acne than others. Hormones affect us all differently. Did you struggle with acne as a teen?

yeah. Was on accutane before but haven’t broken out in 4 years. Just wanted to know if test will turn something on genetically or if it will go away soon.

Sound just like me, although I’m 31 and took accutane in my teen years. It’ll go away, you’re clearly just more prone to hormonal changes resulting in acne, and steroids will do that to you. I don’t get pimples on cycle, but I break out a ton during PCT and for a good bit of time after PCT. once my acne is gone, it’s kind of the sign that my body is fully back to normal and then I get bloods done to confirm.

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thanks man for the advice. Just didn’t know if it would go away or if it turned on something genetically.

Nah, you’ll be fine in time. Just let your body work itself out. Don’t run any more cycles until it’s clearer, and get some lab work done then too to confirm your numbers are back to normal. You’ll be alright!

hey man do you have a pm or something where I can ask you more questions?

Sadly I don’t think there’s a PM function on this site.

I had really bad acne on my shoulders traps and chest my first cycle. I have never had acne issues before cycling. It started going away during pct for me. Mine got really bad because I did not control my estrogen at all on cycle. It was like 115 when I got end of cycle bloodwork. Now I still get some acne on my back when I cycle but it’s not too bad now.

Androgens induce hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands, said hypertrophy is reversible upon secession of use. Larger sebaceous glands induce sebum production, when sebum is trapped within hair follicles, acne forms when sebum plugs hair follicles, the accumulation of dead skin cells, bacteria and particles of debris and whatnot form the brunt of the inflammation (which results in the raised, gross look of pimples). Furthermore, androgens may directly promote growth of the bacteria of which grows within acne (P.acnes).

These side effects are typically transient, however acne scarring is not. Genetic sensitivity to androgens (particularly amt of 5a reductase in skin and sensitivity to 5a reduced hormonal metabolites (DHT, DHN, DHB… whatever) and concentration of androgen will largely depend on how much one breaks out on cycle

Did your estrogen take care of itself after PCT? Wonder if that’s my problem. I’m going to get bloods this week and it’s been 3 weeks since PCT

Yeah estrogen went back down to normal levels after my test went back to natural levels. I run ai when I cycle now since then. I like to keep estrogen under 50

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