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Does Testosterone Increase Facial or Hair Growth?

does testosterone alone increase hair or facial growth or like eyebrows? im asking this for educational purposes only… im just curious and i don’t know where to ask so i put it here in tnation pharma category…

example if a person will be in a testosterone cycle for 12 weeks then after the pct will he be having a much thicker eyebrows,facial hair? or no just want to know thank you.

In my experience, it did increase hair growth but not everywhere. Definitely started growing more hair on my upper back and triceps, not on the face though.

Being on a trt dose myself with a some masterone added I am able to finally grow a full beard at 57. Before it was always patchy and shitty looking. Maybe it’s the combination of the two. But on the negative side, body hair is crazy!

Yes, I’m on TRT only but the test increased facial hair, neck hair, back hair… all of it.