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Does Testosterone Affect Kidneys?

I’m wondering if test has any effects on the kidneys and if so what are signs and symptoms I’m only 32 but got bags under my eyes which can be a kidney issue, anyone else have this issue and if so what’s the remedy it makes me look aged

Monitor your Intake and output every day over days. Check your extremities for swelling i.e. ankles.
Urinary output should be minimum of 30ml per hour. More precisely do something like 1-2 ml per kg per hour. Doesnt mean you have to pee every hour. Means over 24 hours you should average to that. Get a cup and start measuring.

Most kidney issues will result in fluid retention and low urinary output

If your ankles start swelling id be more worried about the kidneys than the bags on your eyes.

But seriously if you can’t afford 50$ lab work or have limited access or whatever. Track your intake and output. If those two things stay equal and are atleast 2 liters per day and your urinary output is decreasing over time then its something to take very seriously asap.

You can do combinations like celery seed extract and hawthorn berry to very midly excrete some fluid if you suspect an issue. But be objective about it. Your perception is really subjective and variable. Your fear of it can very well convince you that you have a kidney problem.

As far as I know and this could be wrong. Testosterone directly very minimally impacts the kidneys especially in contrast to other stronger androgen. But indirectly a rise in estrogen can cause a rise in fluid rention which can cause a rise in BP which over time will kill nephron tubules in your kidneys. RBCs for a similar reason. RBCs aren’t lubricated very well when ya got a lot of RBC because thats gonna mean a little less plasma high RBCs don’t want to flow through the kidneys as well as they should and any kind of pressure/blood flow issue in the kidney will cause problems over time.

This being said with very midly elevated kidney values I personally don’t think it’ll even alter it for test only, on a normal cycle or TRT. But if your kidney problems are already well established medically and not speculatory in your head then I might avoid it.

Studies show gingko biloba increased kidney flow alot and the estimated GFR was increased. (standard measure of kidney function)

Honestly dude. Even more simple then measuring your pee. If you rock 120/80 like a textbook miraculously somehow on 1000mg of test a week then I wouldn’t even be concerned about my kidneys. The fluid retention/estrogen/high BP is more of a kidney risk than the test itself.


Hey thanks for the oppinion !!

Can you link these? I am curious about how much GFR was increased with a supplement.

I take 300 mg sus a week 3 iu hgh

Man I just read the study over again and I am so disappointed in myself. I still believe that it does. But I think the quality of the study was trash.

Guy tested 10 different things like ginseng ginger different herbs and ginkgo.

Goes to call acetaminophen an Nsaid and say its one of the worst on the kidneys in the abstract… I face palmed and lost faith.

I do think so though because ginkgo does reliably increase circulation at the capillaries. This is well documented i could link a bunch of stuff. Thats why they say it improves memory is because of circulation increase throughout the brain. Its also anti coag you’ll bleed more.

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