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Does Test Stop Aromatizing Days After Injection?

Does testosterone still aromatize days after the injection or does it ever stop aromatizing. Example I inject my dose on Monday I do weekly injections.
So am I still aromatizing by Friday, Saturday, Sunday? Or does it stop or slow down?

I am not educated enough to answer that, but why not divide your doses into multiple shots through out the week to maybe limit or lower the amount aromatizing?

If you have free testosterone and the aromatase enzyme, then you can aromatize. Does that help? What dose are we talking about?


I think dose and ester play a part in how quick/drawn out the conversion might be altho I don’t know for sure.

I thought I remember reading that tne and prop will spike your E2 quicker then say enanthate which would leave me to believe that enanthate might draw it out longer.

Disclaimer : I might have just made all this up using bro logic

I take 100mg once a week and I also did 50mg twice a week before but I have always have to stop everything once in a while because what seems to be high estrogen at that dose even tho my test level will peak at 950 and the day before the next injection would be 560 o

Not to be an asshole, but then that is on you. You are going to have to go thru a period where your body stabilizes itself. I am running 200mgs a week. Last blood draw had my Test levels at 1200+. When I first started TrT, my body went thru the same balancing act and my E2 climbed into the 60’s, confirmed by blood work. Had sensitive nipples and water retention was crazy. Ankles were very swollen.

You problem is stopping every once in a while. Trust the process and ride it out. Have an AI or novladex on hand.

Yeah I have some Arimidex now at hand since I’m trying to ride it out like you say. But zero experience with Arimidex. Last time I check my estrodiol was in the 60 also