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Does Test Cypionate Really See a Trough After 3.5 Days?

Curious to see if anyone has compared their Test cyp peak and trough bloodwork to see how much their test levels and e2 drop after 3.5 days. The hard life is a little over 8 days so I cant imagine it drops by much. Im considering switching to EOD since so many people claim that they’ve seen much more stability EOD, but I have a hard time understanding how there would be fluctuation with Test cup, peak and troughs every 3.5, when the half life is so long

I was under the impression that was around the PEAK time.

It only troughs at 3.5 days in the guys who inject every 3.5 days. What happens when you inject is that there is a blood concentration ramp up to a peak, and then a exponential decay approaching 0 as time goes on. Peak concentration is likely under 3.5 days for nearly everyone using Test E or C. So therefore it is dropping at the 3.5 day mark. Since they inject at 3.5 days, it starts going up, and the trough is right before they inject.

If you were to inject once a week, the trough would be right before your next shot. EOD is a bit trickier, as you may not have peaked yet (right before your next show), although I think for most they would. I’ve heard 24-36 hours for peak concentrations, but I could be wrong on that.

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