Does Swiss Cheese Help Fat Loss?

So my GF saw this on E! last night and I want to let her know that she can’t believe everything she sees on TV. I think it sounds like a load of crap. Can any nutritional gurus chime in here? OR is it true?

Not a nutrition guru, but… why would swiss cheese make you lose fat?

My guess is that they saw a study saying calcium aided fat loss (or exercise ability, it really doesn’t matter with the media), noticed that cheese has calcium, then took a leap (avoiding logical steps in between) and recommended swiss cheese to lose 14.73 lbs in exactly 13 days and 2 hours, due to it’s “High calcium content, and it has holes so you eat less calories!”

Easy answer: Yes – The holes in swiss cheese make for a less calorically dense cheese than say cheddar, hence helping with weight loss. Duh.

Just eat the holes and throw the cheese away for really big fat loss.


Swiss cheese made from the milk of cows of dominican ancestry is known to be somewhat anabolic. I’ve hear od people who recomped effortlessly after making no other dietary or exercise change other than replacing regular non-dominican dairy with the caloric equivalent of swiss cheese of dominican origin.